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Quartz sand filter principle and production steps

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
A, quartz sand filter principle
quartz sand filter is a filter using quartz sand as fillers, and is helpful to remove the impurities in the water. Small and filter resistance, large specific surface area, strong acid and alkali, stain resistance and so on merits, the unique advantages of quartz sand filter is by optimizing the design of the filter material and filter, at the same time realize the adaptive filter, filter material on the raw water concentration, operation conditions and advance disposal process and so on all have very strong adaptability, namely on the filter bed automatically formed under the thin dense state, to ensure water quality under various operating conditions, backwashing filter material fully spread out, cleaning effect is good. Sand filter can effectively remove the suspended solids in the water, and the colloid in the water, iron, manganese, pesticides, organic matter, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants have obvious removal effect. With filtering speed, high filtration precision, large capacity of sewage, etc. Is mainly used in electric power, electronics, beverages, water, oil, chemical, metallurgical, textile, papermaking, food, swimming pool, municipal engineering, etc. Various kinds of process water and domestic water, water circulation and the depth of the wastewater treatment field. Quartz sand filter is to use one or several of filter medium, room temperature operation, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation, PH scope for 2 - 13. System configuration perfect protection and monitoring instrument, and has the function of backwash, dirt and other contaminants quickly washed away, less water consumption, according to user requirements can be set up automatic function. Under certain pressure, make concentrate through the medium of contact flocculation, adsorption, intercept, remove impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of the filter. Inside of packing is commonly: quartz sand, anthracite, porous ceramic particles, manganese sand, etc. , the user can choose to use according to actual situation. The filtering accuracy in 0. 005 - 0. 01 m between, can effectively remove colloid particles and macromolecular organic compounds.
2, the main characteristics of quartz sand filter
quartz sand filter device has simple structure, can realize the automatic control operation and processing large flow, fewer recoil, high filtration efficiency, small resistance, convenient operation and maintenance etc.
the making process of the three, quartz sand filter
1) Water distribution plate hole, hole is welded with cloth, also can choose threaded connection, convenient change in the future. Leg hole and spending.
2) Under the head welding pipe, water board is mainly used for supporting cloth.
3) Branch pipe through the water distribution plate, welding. Water distribution plate and the welding head to two pairs of welding.
4) Coil plate, welding subject and the limelight.
5) On the welding head.
6) Tank openings: manhole ( Can also be Shared with filler hole) , the manhole ( According to the distance between the head and the water distribution plate under) Discharge hole, air flow, feed water and drainage holes.
7) Mount filling water pipe, wire cloth water pipe.
8) Welding tanks leg and lug.
9) Mirror polishing burnish.
10) Welding tube water pipes in vitro.
11) To arrange tic-tac-toe, water pipes, drainage sewage pipes and water pipe, 5 valve flow distribution.
quartz sand filter with stainless steel tubular cloth cloth of water and water separator cap water, quartz sand filter material has stainless steel quartz sand filter and carbon steel Q235 ( A3) Quartz sand filter, internal anti-corrosion lining rubber or epoxy processing.
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