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Quartz sand filter production and acceptance of the point

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
Quartz sand filter device has simple structure, can realize the automatic control operation and processing large flow, fewer recoil, high filtration efficiency, small resistance, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. Quartz sand filter with high speed, high filtration precision, large capacity of sewage, etc. Widely used in electricity, electronics, beverages, water, oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, papermaking, food, swimming pool, municipal engineering, etc. Various kinds of process water and domestic water, water circulation and the pretreatment of the wastewater.

1, quartz sand, structure and function of quartz sand filter is a kind of using quartz sand as filter material filter. The filtering less resistance, specific surface area is big, strong acid and alkali, resistance to oxidation and PH scope for 2 - 13, as well as good stain resistance, the unique advantages of quartz sand filter is by optimizing the design of the filter material and filter, realize the adaptive filter, filter material on the raw water concentration, operating conditions, such as pre treatment process has a strong adaptability, namely on the filter bed automatically formed under the thin dense state, to ensure water quality under various operating conditions, backwashing filter material fully spread out, cleaning effect is good.
quartz sand filter composition is divided into system and control system. Can effectively remove the suspended solids in the water and the water of the colloid, iron, manganese, pesticides, organic matter, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants have obvious removal effect. Filtration systems are usually made of high efficiency filter unit, three-way valve automatically, in and out of the water pipes, drainage pipes. High efficiency filtration unit includes a variety of filter medium. Control system by PLC usually timing controller, differential pressure controller, electromagnetic three-way valve and the control line.
2, quartz sand filter production note
( 1) Quartz sand filter for the water tank and filter plate parallel tolerance is not greater than 2 mm. The filter cap material, nylon best, ABS. For the upper add filter material, the extrusion load to the filter cap is great, requires high strength, in order to avoid deformation. Filter cap and filter plate of interface ( Upper and lower surface) Need to add elastic rubber pad.
  ( 2) The levelness of the quartz sand filter filter plate and roughness are less than + 1. 5 mm。 Filter plate structure, adopting the optimal overall processing. When the cylinder diameter is larger, or is conditioned by raw materials, transportation, etc, also can use two stitching forming.
  ( 3) Quartz sand filter filter plate hole on the processing, the radial error of plus or minus 1. 5 mm。 Filter cap guide and cooperate between filter plate hole size increases, is not conducive to the filter cap or fixed installation. Hole processing machinery and equipment must be used.
  ( 4) Quartz sand filter to filter plate and cylinder of the joint parts processing, reasonable to air backwashing link is particularly important.
to eliminate for filter plate processing and the cylinder body coiling and so on error caused by the filter plate and cylinder radial clearance, generally USES piecewise circular ring plate welding. Contact parts must use full welding. The center pipe and filter plate radial clearance processing method. These measures, to ensure that the filter and backwashing only through a filter cap or between line pipe connected. At the same time, also to ensure that the distribution uniformity of backwashing and filtering channel.
the above 4 points can serve as a note for quartz sand filter manufacturers, is also the buyer of the acceptance notice.
I company specializing in the production of quartz sand filter, made of carbon steel lining plastic quartz sand filter, epoxy quartz sand filter and carbon steel stainless steel quartz sand filter, quartz sand filter cloth is divided into tubular cloth water, porous plate quartz sand filter, quartz sand filter and burial cloth water can also according to the requirements of customers to customize the quartz sand filter.
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