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quick open bag filter housing

quick open bag filter housing


The advantage of multi bag filter housing


The quick-opening multi-bag filter is a new type of filtration system. On the basis of the multi-bag filter, a quick-opening mechanism and a balance mechanism are added. The operation is simple and fast. The spring-assisted balance mechanism makes the top cover open quickly. It is based on Developed based on speed and efficiency, filter elements can be replaced quickly and reliably, effectively reducing the impact of production interruption caused by element replacement, and significantly improving production efficiency.


2. Product Features and Advantages


Quick-opening multi-bag filter: Quick-opening design makes it easier to replace filter bags and saves time. The quick-opening clamp filter is different from the traditional bolt-on bag filter. The opening and closing of the upper cover can be realized by rotating and quickly closing the transmission shaft, instead of unscrewing or tightening a dozen or even dozens of bolts in turn to realize the opening and closing of the cover like the traditional bolt-fixed cover. Very convenient and fast.


Compared with other forms of multi-bag filters, quick-opening multi-bag filters have the following advantages in addition to common structural features:


1. Using the fast clamp type lock switch, the operation is simple, easy to use and safe, it will reduce the downtime to a minimum, thereby reducing the operating cost. (It does not take 30 seconds to switch once)


2. The unique three-claw compression cover can ensure good sealing between the filter and the filter bag, and the chance of side leakage of the filter bag is extremely small. The included patented filter bag gland opener makes operation very easy.


3. The spring gravity balancer replaces the conventional manual hanging arm, which makes the operation of the top cover as light as nothing, and the top cover can be opened or lowered with a slight push or pull by hand.


4. The liquid flow direction design of side entry and side exit can ensure that the liquid is completely discharged, and the tangential position of the inlet and outlet also greatly reduces the operating height.


5. The design and volume of the filter are compact to minimize the loss of liquid.

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