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Refining the water reuse technology is introduced

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Industrial sewage, waste water treatment is a big problem in petrochemical enterprise, also has always been the hot spot of the scientific research and development. Refinery wastewater treatment and recycle technology in China have a new breakthrough, refinery sewage back powerusageeffectiveness reached 80%, oil refinery wastewater recycling in shanbei region, this paper effectively solves the problem of scaling, corrosion and bacterium and algae in. Currently has completed five demonstration project, adopting the technique create economic benefits for the application of unit total about $87. 62 million. Due to environmental and economic benefit is outstanding, the technology also won the first prize of shaanxi petrochemical industry science and technology progress and shaanxi science and technology progress third prize.
the technology has three innovations: one is the physical and chemical method and biological treatment methods of wastewater treatment system for effective integration, formed the aeration biological filter + flocculation precipitation + activated carbon filter, ozone sterilization integration process; 2 it is to develop efficient scale inhibitor, bactericide, effectively solve the high hard and high chlorine ion and sulfate in the refinery wastewater recycling scaling, corrosion and bacterium and algae problems; Three is the first time that high hard and high chlorine ion and sulfate refining wastewater used for circulating cooling water system, oil refining sewage back powerusageeffectiveness above 80%.
the technology in a certain refinery after a year of operation practice shows that the reuse of treated water 80% to circulating cooling water system, the average corrosion rate of carbon steel. 085 mm/year, have reached the standard of sinopec 'good' level. At present, the technology in refinery wastewater treatment and reuse has reached the domestic leading level.
refinery wastewater treatment and reuse technology in northern shaanxi high oil, high salt, high hardness of refinery wastewater for reuse the research object, the aeration biological filter + flocculation precipitation, activated carbon filter integration process of high salt content in oil refinery wastewater can be used as make-up water for circulating cooling water, circulating water system in certain conditions, the water quality after sterilization, scale inhibitor, corrosion treatment, the corrosion rate of carbon steel is less than 0. 1 mm/year.
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