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Regular maintenance and replacement of water purifier filter elements to maintain water flow

by:Lvyuan      2022-05-23
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous enhancement of people's awareness of modernization, water purifiers for purifying domestic water are widely favored and supported by today's people. However, the water purifier still faces many small problems in actual operation. Many Xilejia water purifier dealers and agent friends report that customers feel unreliable about the water purifier, and the machine frequently has problems. The reason is still on the filter element of the water purifier. Speaking of the core equipment of the water purifier is the filter element, which is equivalent to people's heart. The quality of the water purifier filter element material determines the effect of water purification treatment. It is only the price of granular activated carbon materials that differs dozens of times, not to mention the difference between granular carbon and carbon fiber materials. Which factory does not want its products to be of high quality and low price, but between quality and price, if they want to seek long-term development, water quality is the first. Different filter elements of different water purifiers There are mainly three types of water purification equipment on the market, water softener, water purifier and direct drinking machine. Different water purification equipment is composed of different filter elements. The core of the water softener is the resin filter element, which can remove the hardness of the water, that is, the alkaline ions. It is mainly used to produce water for bathing and laundry. The resin filter element needs to be regenerated after a period of time, which can be simply soaked in salt water. The special water softener has a salt pool. Using special salt, it can be regenerated automatically or manually, but it needs to generate a certain amount of waste water and electricity. The water purifier is generally composed of PP cotton and activated carbon filter element. The direct drinking machine generally needs to use hollow fiber, OR membrane and KDF alloy filter element on the basis of the water purifier to achieve a better treatment effect. When consumers buy water purification equipment, do not look at its name, but what filter element it uses. The unqualified water purifiers are mostly caused by filter problems. Some time ago, an announcement published on the official website of the Ministry of Health showed that a sampling inspection of some imported small water purifiers found that 8 companies, including 3M, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic, had 11 models. Product quality is substandard. The main reasons for the unqualified quality of these water purification products include excessive arsenic, excessive total bacterial count, and unqualified organic matter removal rate. Some water purifier manufacturers claim that this problem is due to the performance degradation of the filter element and filter head of some products. From this point of view, the filter element of the water purifier is the core problem. To keep the clean water flowing regularly, it is necessary to clean and replace the filter element regularly. Many users who use water purifiers will encounter such problems. Since the activated carbon and other adsorbent materials used in the filter element of the water purifier have a certain capacity, when the adsorbed dissolved organic compounds and other harmful substances are saturated, they will no longer be effective. It is normal for the filter element of the water purifier to be blocked. When the filter element is blocked and the water output becomes smaller, the filter element should be replaced. The replacement frequency of household replacement filter elements is different for each household according to the water consumption, raw water quality and the selected model. Generally, families with better water quality need to replace or clean the filter element every 3 months.
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