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Relevant factors affecting the application of high-flow water filter cartridges

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-07
In fact, the characteristics of the high-flow water filter element directly affect the use and use of the high-flow water filter element. If it is used for a long time, there will always be wear and loss, and it will also affect its use and use. Do a good job of maintaining the high-flow water filter element. Maintenance method and process of high-flow water filter element: ①Check the O-ring first, and then seal the cleaned filter element and place it flat in the sealing groove. ② Use the process liquid to soak the O-ring. ③Remove the packaging bag, cover the head, and tighten the lifting ring compression bolts. ④Open the air release valve on the top of the shell effectively. ⑤Open the inlet valve a bit to allow the liquid to enter the shell until the liquid flows out of the bleed valve, and then close the bleed valve. ⑥ Slowly open the outlet valve effectively, and then slowly open the inlet valve effectively. ⑦Flush the 10' filter element with flow rate for 5~10 minutes. ⑧The filter element cannot withstand the impact of large flow, nor can it be subjected to heavy pressure in the opposite direction. The characteristics of the high-flow water filter element are mainly reflected in six aspects: 1. The filtering accuracy range is relatively wide, and you can choose between 0.1-100um. 2. The material of the high-flow water filter element is made of relatively high polypropylene, and no adhesive is added, which greatly reduces the probability of leaching from the filter column itself. 3. This filter element product has very good chemical compatibility and is resistant to strong acids. Strong base, can be applied to the filtration of some organic solvents and the filtration of strong acid and alkali chemicals. 4. The dirt holding capacity of this filter element is very good, and the retention efficiency of particulate matter is very high. 5. This filter element can withstand higher temperatures and has very good high temperature resistance. At the same time, it can perform continuous operation in a high temperature environment and can withstand repeated high temperature and high pressure disinfection and sterilization. 6. The mechanical strength of this filter element is very high, which prolongs its service life.
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