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renovating your kitchen? - water filters and reverse osmosis systems

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Water filtration systems have become the standard equipment for most kitchens today, especially as more and more scientists and health professionals report that most of our (if not all) drinking water is contaminated by humans --
It includes not only municipal systems, but also water wells, lakes, rivers and glaciers.
Unfortunately, there are also many problems with bottled water itself, including serious health and environmental impacts.
However, while a good water filtration system is the best way to ensure healthy and safe drinking water, it is not enough to install any filters at home alone.
Although the purpose of any water filtration system is to improve the quality and taste of drinking water, there are a variety of filters, each with different cost and effectiveness.
The process of planning the kitchen renovation is the best time to consider the different water filter options.
Some of the most popular filters are explained below to help you choose the best ones for your family.
Reverse osmosis is one of the most effective filtration methods at present.
Although the process has been known for more than 100 years, it was not until the age of 1950 that the United StatesS.
The government has developed it as a way for Marines to dilute water to make it drinkable.
By simple explanation, \"regular\" infiltration occurs when molecules cross the permeable membrane to balance the concentration of molecules on both sides.
As its name suggests, the reverse osmosis action is when the opposite happens.
The water pressure does not have the concentration of matter on both sides of the balance membrane, but pushes the purified water to one side of the membrane, leaving the concentration of pollutants on the other side.
Reverse osmosis usually also uses two carbon filters and/or other pre-
Filter, which can remove all kinds of hazardous pollutants including lead, mercury and arsenic.
Reverse osmosis is also very effective in removing almost all drugs, coliform bacteria, etc.
E. Coli, filters, VOCs, viruses, fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, herbicides, pesticides, cryptospores, THMs and MTBEs.
In fact, while the typical taps or table top filters are level 1 filters, which means that they have only one basic carbon filter, the reverse osmosis system usually provides a level 5 filter system.
Also, although the table top filter has 1-
5 Micron, which means less than 1 micron pollution (
Asbestos, pesticides, etc. are not allowed to be filtered out)
, The reverse osmosis filter usually has micron grade. 0001.
While the upfront cost of reverse osmosis systems may be higher, their filters only need to be replaced once a year, while the anti-top filters need to be replaced every few months.
Although reverse osmosis effectively removes an impressive array of unhealthy contaminants, it can also remove important minerals that contribute to the taste and health of water, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium.
Some researchers believe that these important minerals are also present in ordinary foods and are therefore not needed in drinking water.
However, other health professionals reported that,
Term intake of De-
Mineral water may be unhealthy and can lead to a lack of minerals and/or an unhealthy level of acidity in the body.
In addition, reverse osmosis usually requires two to three gallons of water to produce a gallon of purified water, which some experts believe is a waste.
Other popular filters include water filters, which are very easy to use with low initial cost.
Tank filters can generally reduce lead, copper, chlorine and chlorineproducts.
However, while any filter is better than none, the pitcher filter may be the lowest cost filter, especially considering that the filter needs to be replaced every few months.
Some pitchers filters can also be slow and easily blocked.
Because pitchers filters have such a short life span, they may not be practical for a family of four or more because they may consume a few gallons of water a day.
Filter taps or filters installed directly on the tap are also popular as they are as easy to use as the pitcher filters.
Filter faucets are often easily placed on the head of the faucet, and they can easily allow a person to switch from filtered water to unfiltered water.
Most filter taps effectively remove lead, pesticides, sediment and chlorine.
However, since they usually use a similar type of filter as a water tank, the filter needs to be replaced frequently and the filtering speed may be slow.
Another popular filter is the counter.
The water filter at the top, connected directly to the faucet after the deaerator. Counter-
The top filter provides a higher level of filtration than the water tank or filter faucet because it uses a combination of carbon filters and other filters. Counter-
The top filter is also less easily clogged than the pitcher filter or filter faucet.
They also allow to filter a large amount of water without changing any pipe.
Similar to
The water filter at the top, the filter at the bottom can filter a lot of water.
Unlike the Countertop filters, however, they do not take up valuable counter space, but are connected to a pipe under the sink.
They are also generally more efficient than tank-type filters as they provide two types under the sink filter
Step filtering process.
However, under the sink filter, the pipe needs to be modified (
Sometimes by professionals)
And drill holes in the sink or countertop of the dispenser, which may mean that the installation time is longer than other filters.
They also occupied the room under the sink.
Kitchen renovations can be an exciting and creative moment.
When you consider which water filtration system works best in your kitchen, remember the following tips.
First of all, you may want to test your water, or you may want to refer to your local annual quality report to ensure that your water filter removes contaminants that are specific to the supply of drinking water.
2. Your water filter must be certified by the National Health Foundation (NSF)
Third, in order to ensure the life and quality of the filter, the filter needs to be maintained according to the manufacturing recommendation.
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