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Replace the Pall Pall HC3310CGN30H hydraulic oil filter, swaps

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Production of alternative American Pall Pall HC3310CGN30H hydraulic oil filter element USES polypropylene membrane as the filter filter material, the depth of the high precision of the filter material filter filtration efficiency is high, after discount machined into corrugated shape, through physical fold, in turn, increase the filter area of the filter material, effectively remove the impurity in the hydraulic system, make the oil more clean.
the hydraulic oil filter is used in hydraulic system of hydraulic oil of solid particles and colloidal impurities. Can also remove from mechanical or executive device outside came in the solid impurities in the operation, it can effectively control the hydraulic oil pollution, protect the normal work of the mechanical equipment, transport medium is the indispensable part in the series.
the hydraulic oil filter installed in the hydraulic system: on the oil absorption, oil pressure, return pipe on the road, on the bypass, separate filtering system.

replace HC3310CGN30H hydraulic oil filter parameters:
filter object: hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, water and phosphate ester Filtration material has been diol
material: glass fiber, stainless steel wire mesh, filter paper, stainless steel sintering network,
polypropylene filter rating: 1 mu 100 mu optional
working pressure: 10 bar - 210 bar optional
working temperature: 0 60 ℃
sealing material: fluorine aprons, butyronitrile
size: 43 * 780 mm

choose polypropylene high precision inside and outside membrane filtration and multilayer filter material to protect network increased the carrying capacity,

chemical compatibility not cause secondary pollution filter material uniform aperture small resistance lower initial pressure difference
multilayer filter material composite fold increase the filter area
end cover and the filter body resin adhesive by the fixed sealing strong leakage

power plants, metallurgical steel, forging plant, wind power, hydropower,
hydraulic engineering machinery, injection molding, precision machinery, petrochemical industry, coal mining
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