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by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
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cation exchange resin filter is mainly used for water softening and desalting water, pure water rare element antibiotics promotes practice such as extraction separation, antibiotics, etc. Pure water preparation, separation and purification of antibiotics, radioactive elements. Technical parameters: resin filter, there are 10 & quot; And 20 & quot; Length, can soften the aquatic product advantages: 1, has good adsorption effect of organic compounds; 2, can make the liquid filtration decoloring, clear and transparent; 3, can filter particles and impurities; 4, good in addition to the effect of different odor; 5, can remove the residual chlorine in the water. Filter form sintering filter USES water filtration material resin suitable for front resin brand super kang specifications 10 inch of cation exchange resin filter: suitable for the water source of the high salt content, separation of biochemical products. Can obviously decrease the hardness of the water to prevent stones, remove the dirt. Used to remove the water is commonly known as hard water and tea scale of sodium. Potassium. Magnesium, etc. , and can be softened water quality. Soft water as household water can make the hot water shower equipment, pipes, etc to avoid fouling jams, prolong service life; Can make the wash water surface from tar residue and health facilities remain if brightness is new. Make washing clothes is not yellow, not hard. At the same time, with soft water bath, wash and dress, have beauty effect. Can be used repeatedly recycling: generally renewable once a month, water softener regeneration method is very simple, as long as the filter to remove from the filter tank, saturated brine immersion more than 4 hours, shook loose filter in the resin filter material in between. Insert in the filter tank installed again, filter in the salt ( At the back of the line of salt, resin filter don't connect, not salty water after the filter back into use after the resin core) So that can be used normally. The water capacity, about 7 tons and 1 - 2 years to replace. Replace filter problem that should be paid attention to: 1, check the length of the filter element: comparison of new and old filter length, if the new filter length less than can be used to increase rubber pad solution. ( Rubber mat can be from the old heart hurt above) 2, put filter should pay attention to put the filter is, especially the PP is easy to put the partial twist filter bottle by hand when you need to feel, don't hard twist, twist fixed to unscrew the filter to filter bottle is, in order to avoid damage to the filter. Granular activated carbon on the head with a rubber mat, small T33 above labeled in the direction of flow. 3, filter installed to wash before they can access level system, after washing when disconnected the next level of pipeline, RO level with electricity to wash, ultrafiltration water purification machine just open the inlet ball valve can wash and rinse at least 5 minutes, rinse after the access to the lower processing system. 4, time depends on the water quality of the filtering, typically for 6 - Eight months, PP can be used to clean. Had better not more than 1 year. Product use: water plant, sewage, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, hospital network address
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