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by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
resin, resin trap, also known as resin filter, it supplement ion exchanger device, prevent water device failure intercept resin drain leakage into the brine system, in order to ensure the normal operation of equipment and use. With small volume, high recovery efficiency. Source water treatment filter is a professional resin trap and resin filter manufacturers, under the following resin trap principle, classification and related knowledge.
2, resin trap works
with resin in water treatment, when damage to the various reasons of the resin, the resin will enter the whole water system, the system of the normal operation of other devices, so you need to furnish resin trap. Resin trap which is equipped with a resin such as ion exchanger equipment export the stream over the road near the installation of a diameter smaller than resin lot of stainless steel wire tube, when resin after, can be blocked by screen capture, will capture the resin system are discharged.
3, resin trap structure classification
resin trap for type resin trap, vertical resin trap, Y type resin trap.
1, Y type internal RMB single stainless steel wire filter type, the type O sealing ring, lining equipment 1751 half hard rubber.
2, pipe internal for single wire stainless steel filter element type, used for make-up water and low pressure water system. Lining equipment 1751 half hard rubber.
3, vertical internal device for stainless steel wire filter element types, equipment internal anti-corrosion paint black epoxy asphalt. Commonly used in large units.
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