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MBR membrane

Reverse osmosis applications in the wastewater

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Is a common water treatment equipment, reverse osmosis equipment to remove the various impurities in the water and metal ions, high removing rate, previously with quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter ( Many media filter) , ion exchanger ( If excess metal ions by chelating resin) , precision filter, automatic dosing system ( Scale inhibitor) , ultrafiltration equipment, high pressure pump, reverse osmosis devices, purifying a chemical equipment in east China, the early stage of the input device only by dosing system, combined with microporous membrane filter effect is bad, ion content reduced under water, microporous membrane filter is also a kind of precision filter, just is high than the precision filter precision, quartz sand filter, many media filters, activated carbon filter as the image preprocessing, the effect is bad, of course, although there are automatic dosing device, metal ions can be converted into a sediment filter, ability is limited after all, ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis, early by sand carbon filter as the image preprocessing, chelating ion exchange resin to do the first line of treatment, effect of pair of ok. Seemingly quartz sand filter and other filter like effect is not big, actually pretreatment is protection, protection of chelating resin, ultrafiltration equipment, reverse osmosis membrane, prolong the service life of the whole system.
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