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Reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor and bactericide function and using method

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Biological pollution is currently in the operation of the reverse osmosis, more difficult to solve the problem. At the same time is also the most prone to problem. The reverse osmosis water microorganisms including bacteria, algae, fungi and spore, spores and viruses. Microbial contamination mucosa from biomass molecules adsorbed on the surface of the reverse osmosis, is by microorganisms, living or dead organic matter. Sandwiched between reverse osmosis polymer, and secrete of polysaccharide derivatives. So the formation of microbial contamination, it depends on the microbial itself, the surrounding environment and adherent surface changes of various factors.
for biological pollution, use the way of chlorinated disinfection to control, because its contain amide group for polyamide composite membrane be oxidized easily, so must be conducted before but into the reverse osmosis membrane dechlorination treatment. According to different systems, and the contaminated situation also requires a separate online or when cleaning the heat sterilization treatment.
1, the action of reverse osmosis scale inhibitor:
reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor is a highly effective liquid scale inhibitor, is used to control the membrane separation system in the control of calcium carbonate, sulfate and ferric oxide precipitation caused by the scale. After using the reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor can prolong wash cycle system, make the membrane longevity and reduce the cost. MDC220 reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor has been widely used in reverse osmosis and nanofiltration device.
effective control of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, strontium sulfate scale, up to + 3. 0 lsi without fouling
all main reverse osmosis membrane can use the
by dispersed particles blocking to maintain clean and reverse osmosis membrane surface
the PH of the water from 5 - 9 is still valid within the scope of the
can be added directly or diluted use
liquid product, easy to use
Hypersperse reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor MDC220 can be used to control the membrane separation system scale precipitation particles and reduce congestion. The efficient scale inhibitor performance/dispersant formula is especially with SoliSep MPT150 reverse osmosis flocculant is compatible with scale inhibitor, otherwise it will cause the reverse osmosis membrane blocking.
2, reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor index
index name index
reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor appearance clear amber liquid
PH 3. 0±0. 5
density ( 20 ℃ ) g/cm3 1. 1±0. 05
- the freezing point 15 ℃
- minimum storage temperature Viscosity of 12 ℃
1. 79cp( 25 ℃ ) Reverse osmosis fungicide

1, the characteristics of reverse osmosis fungicide
reverse osmosis fungicide MBC881 is special fungicide, reverse osmosis water system of microbial cells with a strong penetration, decomposition of microbial cell tissue damage, the reverse osmosis device in bacteria, fungi, algae and other microorganisms have extremely strong kill and inhibition.
( 1) Non oxidizing bactericide, effective sterilization effect quickly;
( 2) For the formation of bacteria loam has certain stripping effect;
( 3) Compatible with all membrane can;
( 4) Applicable pH range, good biodegradability, does not pollute the environment.
company production of reverse osmosis fungicide belonging to the bacteriostatic agent, the oxidation it has a broad spectrum, Edema can inhibit bacteria, fungi, algae, including the microbial) under the mucous membrane And efficient, Is 6 PPM dosing concentration that could very well inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae) , low toxicity and safety to the environment, etc, is the ideal sterilization principle is: because its molecules contain nitrogen - — Sulphur keys, by disconnect protein of bacteria and algae and sterilization effect, reverse osmosis fungicide after contact with microorganisms can quickly inhibit its growth, the dampening process is irreversible, resulting in the death of microbial cells. The reverse osmosis fungicide also penetrate adhesion on the surface of the equipment, pipeline, water tank, mucous membrane, inhibit and kill the submucosal microorganisms. In accordance with international and reverse osmosis membrane using standard issued by the ministry of construction in China. Suitable for reverse osmosis membrane, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration membranes.
2, reverse osmosis fungicide index
index name index
reverse osmosis that appearance yellow-green liquid density (
20 ℃ ) g/cm3 1. 00±0. 05
PH 3. 5
- the freezing point 8 the cp (2 ℃
viscosity 25 ℃ )
for inorganic ions can cause fouling, through ion exchange, and hard, such as acid alkali to prevent, in most cases, you need to add different scale inhibitors to prevent inorganic salts fouling;
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