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Reverse osmosis pure water machine is analysed and ultrafiltration water purifier

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
With the high-speed development of industry, frequent sudden water pollution accidents in our country, the safety of drinking water crisis now, people are increasingly concerned about for domestic and drinking water, and water purifier ultrafiltration membrane and reverse osmosis pure water machine due to provide high quality drinking water for people gradually got the attention of everyone, but the reverse osmosis pure water machine and ultrafiltration membrane water purification machines, there are still some difference.

1, the reverse osmosis filtration mechanism of reverse osmosis pure water machine adopts is reverse osmosis membrane filtration technology, the production of water pH value is lower than water pH. Reverse osmosis membrane permeability membrane is choice, it can be harmful to human body to get rid of all dissolved in the water of heavy metal ions, and also be able to get rid of the other ions dissolved in the water, and the maximum of removing dissolved with carbon tetrachloride, chloroform and other harmful organisms, are preserved in a molecule of water in the raw water for drinking, include bacteria, viruses and other pollutants, scale, etc. Into condensed water discharge, after entering the human body, the body like the human body can absorb be preserved, unable to absorb the urine was out of the body.
ultrafiltration filtering mechanism of ultrafiltration membrane water purification machine adopts is ultrafiltration membrane filtration technology. Ultrafiltration membrane purification technology is a purely physical filtration, its depend on ultrafiltration membrane surface with microporous sieve, filtration precision depends on the ultrafiltration membrane aperture size and pore size uniformity, average intercept molecular weight is given priority to with 50000 ~ 200000 Dalton, the suspended solids in the water, macromolecular material such as, colloid particles, bacteria and viruses can be trapped, and produced water pH values, but small molecules in water soluble content are preserved in water at the same time, some of these small molecules is beneficial to human body, such as the right amount of calcium, zinc, iron ion; Some harmful to human body, such as arsenic, mercury, lead and other heavy metal ions, and carbon tetrachloride, chloroform and other organic compounds.
3 relative ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, has the advantage.
first, can remove dissolved the harmful heavy metal ions in the water, At the same time also to remove the water hardness) ;
2, can remove tiny colloid pollutants such as water, Ultrafiltration can't get rid of the micro pollutants) ;
the third, to maximize the removal of dissolved with water of carbon tetrachloride, chloroform and other harmful organisms.
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