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Reverse osmosis related knowledge

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Reverse osmosis in some countries or areas is called reverse osmosis, him is through the water by high pressure infiltration, water through the reverse osmosis membrane and ion penetration is not in the past, don't go to the water through the thick water pipeline row, so as to achieve the purpose of purification, now, because of the water treatment industry in our country, especially in water pure water preparation of professional technology and equipment has made great progress, and promote the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, electric power, life drinking in the areas of development, especially in recent years, reverse osmosis technology industries widely accepted.
the industry rapid development: the main reasons for the improvement of the state of water quality standard of the industry and to improve the quality of the prompt corresponding industry to improve the demand is growing rapidly, the market demand is flourishing; The massive influx of foreign film products in China market, accelerate the maturity of the domestic film technology; The national economy growth, the enterprise purchasing power to strengthen; Expanding the market and lower production costs form a virtuous cycle; At present the application of reverse osmosis technology development is rapid, mature technology market.

the application of reverse osmosis technology in industries in the domestic production of pure water by reverse osmosis technique belongs to the electric power industry, the biggest market in the industry enjoy a priority to the development of national policy, has deep pockets, the engineering quantity and size than the other industry, making it become the largest user of water treatment industry, power plant steam boiler feed water treatment of reverse osmosis technology has been widely accepted, and a large number of domestic equipment, the prospect is good. In the pharmaceutical industry, the national pharmacopoeia of infusion liquid such as distillation, reverse osmosis technology in tablet, oral liquid and distillation pretreatment process water market has considerable, in recent years, wine, beverage and other pure water blending technology on food industry has become a trend, bottled, bottled drinking water production technology has a large number of the primary or secondary reverse osmosis technology. Compared with household pure water, and barrels bottled water production line, group with pure water machine is also very broad market space, its development will be to improve enterprises, government agencies, schools and public places of water environment to provide more practical equipment.
the present situation of the pure water production equipment
pure water production equipment made up by a variety of process equipment, involving the basis of materials, parts and motors, pumps, etc many industrial products, the overall level of equipment is a microcosm of domestic product level, the industry equipment current characteristics are as follows:
1. With reverse osmosis membrane, pressure vessel, high pressure pump of high technology in domestic and foreign products are widely used, market competition is mainly occurs between foreign products, not only also occurs between domestic companies.
  2. Electrodialysis, fine filtration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, as a representative of the main domestic form a complete set of equipment for its performance, quality and price advantage, steadily occupied most of the domestic market, which fully shows the long-term investment in science and technology in our country and related enterprises huge role in the process of the unremitting efforts in the development of national industry.
  3. The main equipment such as complete sets of equipment in the reverse osmosis membrane general improvement in the quality and efficiency as a whole.
  4. Attaches great importance to the main desalination equipment in domestic complete sets of equipment and ignore the pretreatment of phenomenon is common, this phenomenon also greatly reduces the equipment level of the overall design and operation, has affected the whole equipment investment benefits.
  5. Domestic water treatment equipment manufacturers in the medium level in the market competition is intense.

1) pure water equipment development in our country Strongly encourages domestic reverse osmosis membrane components production enterprises, make the membrane module production in China's place in the international market. Attracting international large reverse osmosis membrane production enterprises in China, comprehensively promote the development of the industry.
  2) Pure water production and the development of the whole water treatment industry for its form a complete set of domestic small and medium-sized industrial and commercial enterprises provides a good opportunity. Related enterprises should timely production or the introduction of industry supporting the high levels of materials, parts, and hand in hand with the development of water treatment industry.
  3) Complete sets of equipment production enterprises should further improve the level of technological design, improve the level of equipment production, installation, and then improve the efficiency of the equipment investment, lower energy consumption, improve the utilization rate of raw water. Qualified enterprises should aim at the international advanced level, improve the international competitiveness, to promote the development of the industry.
at present, the reverse osmosis device has been widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, electric power, life drinking in various fields, such as equipment covers large industrial ro device, pure water production line, mineral water production line, ultrapure water equipment, softened water equipment, ultrapure water, water supply equipment, laboratory equipment and iron and manganese removal equipment, fluoride removal equipment, sand filter, carbon filter and so on various types of water treatment equipment.
filter source water treatment equipment co. , LTD is a professional engaged in water treatment equipment manufacturing and sales of water treatment equipment company, main production filter equipment, water softener, reverse osmosis devices, mountain spring equipment, uv sterilizer, ozone sterilization, degassing tower, etc. , including the distribution of some water treatment accessories such as reverse osmosis membrane shell, water softener resin for special purpose, scale inhibitor, ABS water cap, reverse osmosis membrane, etc. , in recent years, the company for some large state-owned enterprises, and some small and medium-sized enterprise production of water treatment equipment, get unanimous favorable comment of customer, after years of efforts, the company mastered the core technology of water treatment equipment, become the domestic equipment manufacturers the most complete one.
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