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reverse osmosis units - the one type of water filter you must not buy!

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Consider buying a water filter?
If you are considering any of the reverse osmosis devices on the market, you may reconsider.
Reverse osmosis water filtration system may not be the best choice for you and your family! Let me explain.
Of course, if you are reading this, I am sure you have reached the speed of filtering water at home.
But to ensure that, let\'s talk first about the need to do so.
A lot of research has been done recently, which shows that there are real problems with our municipal water supply.
The study was conducted in 29 cities in the United States.
The survey found that the 29 people contained at least one pesticide in the water.
Some people have two or even three!
Ralph Nader\'s group conducted another comprehensive study.
They found more than 2,000 carcinogens in the water they studied. (
Major water supply systems from the United States)
Despite the popularity of bottled water, bottled water has proved to be no safer than tap water.
Maybe even worse!
70% of bottled water is not covered at all by any federal regulation as it is not transported across states.
It\'s clear that filtering your own water at home is the only real step you can take to protect your health.
The only problem left is what kind of water filter to buy.
Reverse osmosis devices are very popular.
I just checked Amazon and found about 50 different reverse osmosis water filtration systems for sale.
Many are provided by well-known companies.
However, there is a problem with the reverse osmosis device.
The principle of reverse osmosis is to filter water through a porous membrane.
The film really filters the water.
It separates pure water from other things.
This is the problem.
You really don\'t want to get everything out of the water!
Our bodies rely on several trace minerals to work properly and maintain the best health.
Calcium is such a trace mineral.
We get calcium through food, but we also get it through the water we drink.
You saw human evolution.
Or designed.
Drink pure water containing trace minerals.
This is the best water for us!
Unfortunately, the reverse osmosis device filters out calcium as well as lead, prescription drugs, pesticides and everything else you don\'t actually want.
There is a better way to filter water at home!
For example, there are some water filters that can filter out bad things and stay in good places.
This filter is made by a company called Aquasana.
I must have something else.
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