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by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
You may think that the reverse osmosis water filter is a good option to improve the quality and taste of tap water, but unless you live in rural areas where the water supply is very suspicious, you are really wasting money
If you are like most of us, the water in the faucet has passed the reverse osmosis filter.
This does not mean that it is completely safe and does not mean that it tastes good.
Most water treatment facilities use reverse osmosis water filters in one step of operation.
Large particles are captured by the membrane of the reverse osmosis filter.
There are still small particles passing through.
You see, the reverse osmosis water filter is designed for large-scale operations that need to be done
Mineral water and people traveling in remote areas without public water.
The reverse osmosis filters that companies promote in home use are not what most of us need.
They are both expensive and inefficient.
They waste more water than they do clean.
Installation requires assistance from plumbers.
Expensive maintenance.
The film is delicate and prone to manufacturer defects.
They are also easy to tear and difficult to replace.
What most of us want is to remove chlorine, which is added to the water treatment facility to protect the membrane of the reverse osmosis water filter from decay and algae growth.
If the facility does not have a reverse osmosis filter, chlorine is added in \"sanitized\" water.
Chlorine kills creatures.
The whole idea of drinking chlorine is illogical.
After all, we have life.
Utilities insist that the chlorine content in drinking water is safe for humans, but more and more researchers question it.
There are other ways to disinfect water, but the price is more expensive, and most of the facilities can\'t be changed.
So we have to deal with chlorine ourselves at home.
The reverse osmosis water filter does not remove chlorine.
This can only be done with activated carbon filters.
Anything smaller than the membrane hole in the reverse osmosis filter will pass through.
The news reported that our water was contaminated with drugs and hormones.
Anything that goes down the drain will eventually get into the water supply system.
Hormones can affect children\'s growth and can also cause health problems for adults.
Reverse osmosis water filters do not stop drugs or hormones.
The molecular size is too small.
You need a carbon activated carbon filter again to block these substances.
If your water comes from a well, not a public reservoir, then the reverse osmosis filter is still not the right choice.
One of the problems with well water is amoeba, a microbial that can cause disease and death.
It can enter the skin or eyes through minor scratches or scratches, infecting the whole body.
To protect yourself from amoeba, microbes, and bacteria, you need a micron filter.
You still need an activated carbon filter to remove the chemicals and improve the taste, and the ion exchange system is also helpful as it balances the mineral content. The best in-
The family water purification system combines these three systems to provide you with the cleanest, safest, healthiest and most delicious drinking water.
The only thing the reverse osmosis water filter can do is go
Miner your water. Drinking de-
Mineral water is unhealthy.
The best option is to combine more
The stage system, so don\'t wait today. Buy one.
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