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by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The reverse system for residential use is not ideal.
They were originally developed for industrial and commercial use.
When reverse osmosis water filter systems are first used in residential use, they are a huge seller.
However, this is before people know the effect of drinking water passing through a reverse osmosis filter.
Although reverse osmosis is not the best way to filter water, it is definitely better than not having a filter, but there are many drawbacks to drinking water using reverse osmosis filters.
In terms of health issues, the teverse permeable water filter system cannot filter anything smaller than water molecules.
Many pesticides, bacteria and chlorine are lighter than water, and they are left in the water that passes through the filter membrane.
In addition, trace minerals essential to our health are stripped out of the water by reverse osmosis water filters.
This left us behind.
Mineral water that may be harmful to our health due to the presence of pesticides.
Everything that should be done can be done by another filter, which in most cases does a better job.
For example, carbon filters waste, which does not waste time, nor does it filter minerals in water, while filtering out synthetic and harmful chemicals to improve taste and smell.
UV radiation treatment kills all bacteria and other microorganisms in the water, which are missed.
Ion exchange filtration can soften water and remove lead at a higher rate than the reverse filter.
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