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reverse osmosis water filter - removing the minerals in drinking water is detrimental to your health

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
In order to remove the minerals in the water, a reverse osmosis filter was designed.
You may think drinking really \"pure\" water is the healthiest water you can drink.
But if this is true, then why is there nowhere on earth to find water without minerals?
Even the most remote and pollution-free mountain springs have natural minerals.
It is these minerals that give the taste of water.
These minerals are more important to our health than taste.
In Science and Industry, mineral-free water is needed.
For example, the photo processing and printing industry requires the removal of inorganic solids using reverse osmosis filters (minerals).
This filtration process is also used to dilute seawater into fresh water.
Once the salt is removed, then the water must be stabilized to reduce the acidity of the water and prevent the leaching of unwanted elements when transported to the end user.
If you are looking for a reverse osmosis water filter for your home, you may have found that this is not just a matter of simply pushing water into the other side and getting pure water.
This is because the reverse osmosis filter itself does not remove most of the contaminants that we need to remove.
It removes only dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium.
Pre-treat with a carbon-based filter and then need another one.
These are filters that remove the actual contaminants, not reverse osmosis filters.
Water without minerals is acidic at pH.
When humans eat acidic foods and drinks, the body extracts minerals from our teeth and bones to neutralize acid.
Scientific research shows that the production of free radicals increases when our body fluids become more acid than alkaline.
These free radicals increase the risk of cancer.
Interestingly, in the world, where people live for the longest and healthiest time, they are the most alkaline water with the highest mineral content. Zoltan P.
Dr. Rona is the former president of the Canadian Association of holistic medicine.
In one of his articles, he said that \"the ideal water of the human body should be slightly alkaline, which requires the presence of minerals such as calcium and magnesium.
\"20 years ago, it might be a good idea to use a reverse osmosis water filter at home.
This is a case of using an existing product.
Today, with the advancement of filtration technology and a better understanding of what healthy water should contain, it makes no sense to choose a reverse osmosis filter.
Therefore, when looking for \"pure\" drinking water, remember that trace minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium are an important part of water.
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