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reverse osmosis water filter systems - what are the drawbacks?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Our current drinking water is full of dangerous pollutants.
To be suitable for human consumption, our water is disinfected with chlorine, another toxic chemical.
It is no wonder that the reverse osmosis water filter system and reverse osmosis treatment are a very big topic now.
If you want to filter out chlorine and chlorine-resistant contaminants from the faucet, this article is for you.
The reverse osmosis water filter system was designed more than 40 years ago.
They were originally designed for the printing and photography industry to remove natural minerals from the water.
This is needed for photo development.
It was at that time that there was a need for household filters because people were aware of the dangers of drinking water with chlorine.
Then, the reverse osmosis water filter system was also sold for this demand.
Due to large-scale advertising campaigns, the system is now available in many households and is usually sold as the best product.
However, reverse osmosis treatment used at home has some issues that need attention.
1 healthy water always contains traces of the Earth\'s natural minerals that we need for our physical and mental health.
Reverse osmosis removes all natural minerals from drinking water.
Another problem with the removal of salt water is that because it contains more hydrogen, the pH value in the water becomes acidic rather than alkaline.
Once our body becomes weak, it becomes the perfect environment for disease to enter ie. cancer.
These systems waste a lot of water.
They produce a gallon of water every two days.
Three gallons processed.
They also need enough water pressure to work properly.
3 There are very few pollutants filtered out by the reverse osmosis water filter system, and there are thousands of kinds.
The reason is that the filter structure cannot filter out any pollutants that are larger or smaller than the molecular structure of water.
Reverse osmosis is expensive. It costs 18 -
Produce 24 cents per gallon of water.
The system is expensive to maintain.
You have it and you may now have decided that the reverse osmosis water filter system is not suitable for you.
I am telling you here that there are other systems that are more effective and cost-effective than reverse osmosis treatment.
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