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by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
The tap water coming out of your tap is perfect.
Get a filter or become a filter.
Which of these two sentences is more correct?
Both are partially correct.
The tap water tastes bad in many places.
Elsewhere, tap water contains a small amount of stuff you don\'t want to drink --
It may affect you for a lifetime.
There are many potential problems with tap water.
Even if your city offers great water, it has to go a long way through the old pipes on the way to your home. I use a whole-
The 10 micron sediment filter filters all the water entering my home.
I change filters every five months and they are dirty and red --
Because of rust and dirt in the water, the color is bright.
When you use a whole
The filter, shower head and faucet will not be blocked. Whole-
The home filter is separate from the drinking water filter.
All reverse osmosis water systems require sediment and carbon pre-preparationfilters.
All filters need to be changed.
Plans to replace sediment and carbon filters every six months or earlier, every 2-3 years.
It\'s better to buy a dissolved solid meter and test your water every month to make sure the system works.
Pure water measures zero parts per million dissolved solids.
Tap water is usually at least 200 per million.
Do not buy liquid chemical testing equipment, buy $25-
$50 portable battery
Operating tester with LCD reading.
These cheap meters only show the total dissolved solids in the water
They won\'t tell you what\'s in the water.
There are water filter systems and replacement filters on EBay and Amazon and many other places --
Even retail stores.
The most difficult part to install the water filter is to connect to the water supply side of your home, to the drain pipe of the wastewater, and to install a clean faucet on the sink.
The rest of the water filter is easy to install.
You may need a plumber or buy a system that they will install for you.
The best system has clear plastic housing so you can see how dirty the filter is.
The best system also uses standard
The size of the replacement filter is large, so you don\'t have to buy tiny, expensive and proprietary filters.
The reverse osmosis water filter requires a sediment and carbon filter in front of it, which filters out dirt and most of the garbage before water enters the reverse osmosis filter.
Sediment filters block particles larger than five or ten microns.
This is better than running water, but it does not help the taste, nor does it help to filter the small or dissolved dirt in the water.
The next step is the carbon block filter.
Almost all carbon block filters are activated.
Activation is a process in which high-pressure steam cleans it through coal, making it almost pure carbon.
Carbon, the fourth most common element in the universe, is what life needs.
Carbon is a good filter, especially when squeezed into solid blocks.
The activated carbon block filter can filter more particles than the sediment filter.
The activated carbon filter has a positive charge that attracts chemicals and impurities.
When water goes through positive-
Carbon with negative electricity
Charged pollutants are attracted and combined by carbon.
The activated carbon block filter filters out sediment, dirt, bacteria, algae, chlorine, some pesticides, asbestos and so on.
They filter.
Micron size particles make the quality of the water and taste good.
The water through the activated carbon block still has some particles, chlorine, nitrate, fluoride and other dissolved garbage.
The next step for the best water quality is the reverse osmosis filter.
The reverse osmosis filter forces the water through 0. 0001 micron-
Wide hole through half
Permeable membrane.
The film of the long sheet is sandwiched together and rolled around the hollow central tube in spiral form.
The reverse osmosis filter removes 99% of the remaining garbage in the water.
It takes away almost everything, including calcium and magnesium in the water.
Typically, a small carbon filter is used after the reverse osmosis filter to improve the taste and capture more 1% of the garbage.
Water is still not perfect even after passing through sediment, carbon blocks and reverse osmosis filters.
Although chloramine and metal ions are reduced, they may still be in water.
Therefore, some systems include the final de-ion (DI)filter.
DI filters are usually cartridges filled with plastic
Just like the resin Crystal holds the remaining ions in the water.
The water is very pure after DI filter.
Reverse osmosis water filters produce waste water and produce only a few drops of clear water per minute.
As a result, most reverse osmosis systems have a reservoir to accumulate water.
All reverse osmosis systems have drain pipes for waste water, which is \"wasted.
Waste water can be used for plants, dumping in sewers, etc. Ultra-
Pure water can grow algae easily.
When you remove chlorine and other harmful substances from the water, tiny microorganisms and sunlight can be combined to create a perfect environment for the growth of harmless algae.
The quality of the water filtered in this way is even cleaner than distilled water.
Some people think that pure water tastes mediocre.
Some people add a small amount of sea salt to pure water.
For me, no need for salt, the taste of pure water should be like water.
There are unfounded horror stories about how dangerous ultra-pure water is on the Internet. Hogwash.
It can hurt you if you inject pure water.
Drinking pure water will not hurt anyone unless fast.
As soon as the pure water meets your mouth, it is no longer pure.
There is nothing better than using pure water for coffee, cooking and ice.
My observations over the past 20 years have shown that pets, plants and people all like it very much.
When planting bean sprouts
With pure water, I found that they grow twice as fast as tap water.
The fact is, Super
The pure water lacks minerals.
If you have calcium and magnesium in your diet, it would be better for you.
Lead-free, copper, silver or other waste in ultra-pure water.
For me, tradeoff is clear.
What I want is water.
As long as you get calcium and other minerals from food or supplements, you should be fine.
Also, too much copper is not good for you, why put it in the water?
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