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reverse osmosis water filters are obsolete and expensive for home use

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Don\'t let anyone tell you that you need a reverse osmosis water filter.
There are a lot of better options today, and at least at home, the reverse osmosis filter is actually out of date.
Wastewater treatment facilities, like public drinking water, should use reverse osmosis water filters
Water treatment facilities.
There are many industrial applications for reverse osmosis filters, but this step is expensive for home purification and is basically unnecessary.
For example, under an anti-system designed to purify public-treated waters.
If the system includes a reverse osmosis filter and the necessary steps to remove chemical contaminants such as chlorine and its by-product THM, your cost will be around $800.
You can do the same for less than $200.
Adsorbed carbon blocks with sub-micron porous structure and ion exchange steps will remove chlorine, THMs, cysts, lead and hundreds of other cancers
It causes chemical pollutants, but it is still affordable.
Those who recommend RO have some ulterior motives.
They are either salespeople or affiliates of the company that sells the home system.
Once, it was the best solution for people with private wells or heavily polluted water sources.
But a truly effective system costs about $10,000.
Cheaper models offered by companies like GE and Ever
Pure can not be used by people with serious pollution.
They are designed for those of us who are served by utilities.
Obviously, there is a problem with publicly treated water.
The chlorine content is very high because the number of bacteria we source continues to grow.
Cancer whenever chlorine is used for disinfection-
Causing THMs release.
Public facilities cannot remove cysts that enter our supply from farm operations
In other ways.
Lead is swallowed up by chlorine
Causing further pollution.
Industrial pollutants turn groundwater into carcinogens.
But will the reverse osmosis water filter solve all of these problems?
The answer is No \".
The reverse osmosis filter will only reduce the \"level of federal action \".
This means there are still traces of lead.
Use a reverse osmosis water filter alone and do not remove any chemical contaminants or anything smaller than its pore size.
The only thing it has to do is remove the cyst and any purifier certified to filter to \"one micron\" will remove the cyst.
The cheapest purifier on the market can remove cysts.
It is not difficult to do this.
The reverse osmosis filter is easy to tear and break down.
They require electricity to operate efficiently and a separate drainage system is required to remove the waste water.
They can flush the wastewater automatically, and they can also require manual flushing by consumers.
You\'re basically wasting water anyway.
The $200 system above filters all your water and does not require flushing or electricity.
Maintenance is limited to the replacement of cartridges every three months.
Please consider all options before purchasing the reverse osmosis water filter.
This is a smart thing.
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