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review - general electric refrigerator with its inbuilt ge water filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
GE produces a wide range of refrigerators, many of which come with built-in refrigerators
Water filter in ice maker and water dispenser.
Unfortunately, as with any water filtration system, GE water filters need to be replaced on a regular basis.
The cost, simplicity and quality of replacement can break the reputation of refrigerators with water filters.
GE refrigerators are no exception.
This article investigates dozens of consumer reviews and provides you with an overall impression of an average consumer like you.
Most GE refrigerators have a built-in GE water filter with a wide range of quality designs and prices.
At the low end, this simple activated carbon water filter is relatively cheap, filtering out visible particles, producing calcium carbonate from turbid, rough hard water, \"and offsetting the unfortunate by-product of chlorine disinfection in municipal water supply --
It is mainly water with bad taste.
At the other end of the spectrum, some universal refrigerator models have expensive, high quality reverse osmosis GE water filters.
Reverse osmosis technology filters water at the molecular level and filters out almost all known contaminants.
Consumers are very positive about GE refrigerators and their GE water filters.
The score of GE refrigerator and GE water filter is always between 4 points. 6 and 5.
Five-Star 0
People with universal refrigerators with GE water filters are raving about the delicious water and ice they produce, both for drinking and for cooking.
The volume of water looks very good.
Where the GE refrigerator owner complained that the filter water for the refrigerator dispenser was running out, no comments could be found.
The duration of GE water filters is also better than most.
Change every six months or so.
However, consumer reviews report that filters have to be replaced every three months and are rarely replaced every half year.
This may be related to the pure water consumption rate of the owner of the refrigerator, not to the quality of the GE water filter.
The owner of the vast majority of universal refrigerators seems to be satisfied with the price.
Several different GE refrigerator models use the same filter, and a pack of three packs of water filters will last for more than a year.
Customers who use these refrigerators have an automatic filter replacement indicator and they seem to be very happy with this feature.
Most GE refrigerator owners report that the installation of the GE water filter is fast, simple and easy to replace.
The filter is easily accessible and can be replaced quickly.
However, some owners of GE refrigerators report that they will be sprayed with cold water when trying to replace the water filter, although this defect appears to be limited to a few GE refrigerator models.
The negative is that there are very few negative comments about GE refrigerators and GE water filters, and there are fewer complaints that appear more than once.
In general, the owner of the refrigerator is not convenient, and the indicator of automatic filter replacement laments its absence.
More importantly, the only consistent complaint in consumer reviews is that the water pressure is slightly lower.
As the water filter gets dirty, the water flow seems to have decreased, and some customers report that it slows down before the GE water filter changes.
Overall, a general purpose refrigerator with GE water filter is a good investment.
The owner of the GE refrigerator seems satisfied with the quality of the purified water and the duration of the filter.
The installation of the new GE filter is fast and simple, and most customers are satisfied with the price of its replacement filter.
If you are looking for a new refrigerator with a filter water dispenser and ice maker, you should definitely consider the GE filter system.
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