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Rich lake ( F lake) Felck embellish new water softener, Demineralized water equipment)

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Fleck softener control valve is the brand demineralized water equipment automatic control valve, blessed are translated into Chinese to g, rich lake, the lake, the blessing of flack so we usually hear to water softener, rich lake water softener, the lake water softener, flack softener is fleck softener or fleck softened water equipment, is only the translation of different writing, he is in the marina, a subsidiary specializing in the production of soft water control valve enterprise, because many specifications of arturo progenitor control valve now continue to production, in more than 10 tons of control valve of the basic state is out of stock, so use imported brand brand, the most is the fleck. Fully-automatic water softener generally adopts the fleck brands or embellish new water softener.
f to g small mainly by 5600, 5600 se, 5000, 6600, 6700, type of control valve, suitable for single valve tank system.
structure characteristic: the pistons for vertical layout, body material for engineering quality, and the plastic body material. Need you have hard water by-pass regeneration, plus the valve or hard water solenoid valve block. Type 5600 regeneration process has seven steps, cleaning twice more than other valves and regenerative quality is better than that of other valves. Applicable to civil small water softener.
2, single piston industrial control valve series, mainly by the 1500, 2510, 2750, 2850, 3130, 3150, type of control valve, suitable for single valve tank system, such as for double tank system plus the valve to achieve.
structure features: piston for horizontal layout. In addition to the 2510 other body materials are lead free brass,
optional without hard water by-pass piston, backwashing large flow. Pair if tank system plus the valve to achieve. Applicable to the boiler water softener and other industrial water softener.
3, double piston industrial control valve series, mainly composed of type 2900, 2930, 3900, control valves, suitable for double tank system, without additional control valve.
structure characteristic: the piston for horizontal layout, have two pistons, one control the regeneration program, realize the other switch in and out of the water, the valve body material are lead-free brass, optional without hard water by-pass piston. With the tank system in two or three tank system, without additional valve can be realized. Apply to the boiler water softener, and other industrial water softener.
4, double tank with a case of control valve series, mainly composed of type 8500, 9000, 9500, control valve, single valve control at the same time two resin tank ( Alternately with one case, a renewable) Demineralized water, can continuous supply, as a result of the water softener regeneration, regeneration effect is good, suitable for all kinds of water use, water consumption for large system can be more parallel operation.
structure features: a valve control two tanks, there are two pistons, a regeneration control program, the other two tanks switch each other, start the regeneration by traffic. In addition to the 8500, body material for lead free brass. Is suitable for the occasion requires continuous supply of demineralized water, use a form with a case.
no hard water control valve can also according to the regeneration to enter system is divided into a hard water by-pass and hard water bypass valve. Small civilian control valve belongs to hard water type, single piston industrial control valve and double piston valve used in industry as part of the optional without hard water and a double pot with a case of control valve is a hard water.
rich lake control valves because of its reliable stability, so in the most widely used softened water equipment, has a vital role in water treatment industry.
the other embellish new water softener control valve production, zhejiang province, in the domestic popularity is also high, not read one.
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