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Rizonflow big flow filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Keywords: water filter | PP wire wound filter filter | | PP folding PP melt-blown filter | large flow filter | activated carbon filter

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Rizonflow® Filtering the design of the container can be used in each big flow filter. Compared with general types of containers, Rizonflow® Filter vessel allows larger size of the filter, and can reduce the cost. Level design and not intentional structure element changes become more fast and convenient. A single shell can allow maximum flow to 4750 GPM ( 18000lpm) 。 Material: 304 ss and 316 ss and carbon steel lining plastic or rubber lining features and benefits: the form of a shell can be vertical, save a space, flow can reach 70 t/h, at the same time that water can go in parallel way bigger; The level of housing design makes filter replacement is quite simple; Containers are slightly tilted, can prevent liquid leakage; when you open the lid Built-in o-rings better seal; The lid of the top is flush, easy to filter replacement; Under the filter Settings inlet connection, can prevent the impact of the media; In accordance with ASME standard and pressure number to ensure real complete; Can choose carbon steel, 304 stainless steel and 316 l stainless steel, used in more fields; Using the more convenient and suitable for type O sealing ring; On the surface of the fixed pin to facilitate rapid accurate positioning; Can be applied to 300 psi pressure and 150 psi. Water plant, sewage treatment plant, public municipal project, steel/metal, petroleum/chemical industry, electric power, papermaking, textile/printing and dyeing, brewing, chemical, pharmaceutical, coal, food and beverage, electronics/circuit, plating/surface engineering, energy, water desalination, hotel, ships, cement, boiler, the other can be used in groundwater, surface water, sewage, sea water, waste water and other filter addresses
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