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RO reverse osmosis membrane filter replacement method

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Change the front three preprocessing filter steps:
a. Turn off the water valve switch.
  b. Open RO the faucet to row qing residual water in the pipe.
  c. After being water no longer flow, will be equipped with a filter shell wrench open cartridge filter shell.

( 1) 。 RO reverse osmosis membrane filter at the time of change first broken water and power supply.
  ( 2) 。 In the middle of the often have waste water out, please prepare basin and towel clean appliances, such as for replacing filter after cleaning machine.
  ( 3) 。 'O' ring cannot be damaged or lost, or you will serious leaks. At the same time when tightening the filter shell, should try to avoid that the 'O' ring displacement or deformation.
( 4) 。 Remove the old filter, into the same specifications of the new filter.
  ( 5) 。 Will be at the top of the filter shell black 'O' type sealing ring coated with vaseline, such as lubricant, and then put it in the filter shell in the slots.
  ( 6) 。 Tighten the filter shell in vertical way, to avoid the shift of the 'O' ring or deformation.
  ( 7) 。 Repeated each interface place RO reverse osmosis membrane shell test for leaks.
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