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Sales DN500 - Y type filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

sales DNY type filter

sales DNY type filter dimension:
size: inches in length:

weight: about kg

sales DNY type filter parameters:

shell material: carbon steel, stainless steel:
nominal size mm
box filter mesh material: stainless steel
seal material: teflon
working temperature:
filtering precision of the carbon steel material:

sales DNY type filter is introduced:

the filter architecture is advanced, convenient draining often used at the entrance of a pressure relief valve or other device.
is used to filter out impurities, at the same time, the filter can be used to water, oil and gas filter impurities.
at the same time, the inside of the filter is using stainless steel, when the filter is dirty
can be cleaned out, and then install into, can be reused.

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