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Sales network times new pattern analysis

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
With the economic development of the society as a whole, the rise of the new marketing mode - - Network marketing, many people understand the importance of the network, baidu search, Google search and powerful search Sue to each big web portal, users can easily find the user, so so kind to do website optimization, make the customer can easily find us, below I use our water treatment industry sales experience to share.
10 years ago, the company's main sales model is a salesman call, the phone sales model, a company is everyone a phone, and then try very hard to call customers, even if they don't know the customer need do not need our products, it's like finding a needle to the sea, made dozens of telephone calls for a intention client, low efficiency, high cost of sales, the company running hard, especially those who just began to run the company, has invested heavily in telephone and sales staff wages. Now have the network, we can make a demand of customers to find our company directly, so it requires installed products of our company web site on the major search engines su easily found, then we need to optimize the website or promotion, let our site have included in each big search engine su, customers in more than we can find our site set of keywords, so how to make our site optimization, relevant knowledge: to introduce the optimization under the
80% to the current domestic website is like a business card, put it there, waiting for once upon their search company name and find your website, and some people think that once my website is search engine will be ranked, there will be customers call advisory, of course, it mostly is the enterprise website, actually otherwise, you search for your product or industry, where have you tried, you are within a 100 - page can't find your site, you do the site ( Enterprises, companies, institutions) What is the meaning, playing like a business card, who will know? So you will need to SEO optimization services.
1, what is SEO
SEO full name is the Search Engine Optimaz, consider to choose what kind of keywords. This need to make sure your website at the core of the keywords, and then spread according to this, find more use of the website by other keywords to search. Such as the use of their core products brand, site location, use methods such as peer site keywords are worth considering. In determining the key note also that site each page number of keywords, had better not more than three.
2, SEO strategy in the domain name to apply for the
domain is site direct entry in the network can be found by other users, and search engine for domain name and host identification standard, will directly affect the site in the search engine ranking.
in the first place, should have their own independent domain rather than the secondary domain name. Now can apply for to the free virtual space, mostly is the secondary domain name assigned to the user or simply allocation is a storage path; Besides available to other users do not access the secondary domain name, also go against the value of search engine, there are important point is that this when search engine on the basis of site traffic ranking, your website traffic again good also to the top-level domain, relying on the ordered so that go against your own search.
followed by the selection of domain name suffix, generally think of '. org”、“. net”、“. cn”、“. com. There is a higher ranking advantage cn 'suffix.
the final is on the choice of the host should pay attention to, try not to use the free hosting, because many search engines do not too willing to index on free hosting site; Even if the application is charge the host, also want to pay attention to whether the user reflect good, because most search engine site will not be regular automatic access to websites, if at that time the situation cannot be accessed, will affect the rankings.
3, the classification of the login directory SEO strategy
login classified catalogue is the most basic step in propaganda work after the completion of the site. Through the catalogs of these can make your own website access to high-quality external links, so as to achieve the aim of ranking ascension.
the more catalogs of commonly used Chinese site open to the ODP directory, Yahoo! And so on, especially the open directory ODP, it is the basis of the depth of the many search engines index, first need to consider the put in their web site directory. When login the catalogs of these need to pay attention to:
1, as far as possible let oneself website content for original content.
2, to ensure the entire site each page links to normal, content without too many mistakes.
3, submitted to the same industry in the correct directory.

4, use some SEO auxiliary tools to properly use some tools based on SEO, helps creators more convenient deployment of SEO strategy.
in our water treatment company, for example, choose our keywords to see our flagship product, such as pure water equipment system, we can consider to reverse osmosis equipment, filtration equipment, sterilization equipment, etc. , these search Sue large flow of words, so that more people to query, can let the customer find our directly, if do water, select the water recycling, sewage treatment, sewage treatment company and so on.
change new sales model, sales model or fusion is very important for a company, also play a role in promoting development of the company, because with the buyer's buying habits, like right now alibaba, taobao, the impact on the supermarket, the impact is huge.
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