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SAM swirling water filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
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SAM rotary screw type water filter, absorbs the domestic and foreign automatic cleaning filter, the advantages of excellent design, flexible operation, high efficiency and easy to maintain, mix in big flow or a variety of process model of continuous work, environmental protection and the most comprehensive economic value. Working principle: fluid by entry into the inner wall of the filter in the tangent direction, by the rotation of the wedge filter, fluid through a wedge net filter, clean liquid flowed from exports. Discharge type cleaning: the surface due to the impurities gathered from crack network congestion, can open the drain valve, discharge of high concentration of impurities in the body cavity of liquid, suspended solids and heavy particles impurities are washed out, along with all the maintain filtration unit clean, wedge network run closed for a long time. Recoil type cleaning: recoil liquid from wedge net filter washing from inside to outside, completely take away impurities on the surface of the filter element, the discharge outlet. The main features and advantages: 1, 304/316 l stainless steel material to meet your different demands; 2, avoid consumables, with functions of cleaning, can run closed for a long time; 3, quick opening design, convenient operation. Vortex flow filter is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, food, mining, water treatment, paper making, and other fields: 1, the raw water treatment, Water, sea water, lake water, etc. ) , water supply and drainage, sewage treatment 2, process water filter and circulating water, protection of nozzle, dropper, pump body, mould, heat exchanger 3, filter bag, filter and the pretreatment of the precision filter, 4 chemical acid alkali, solvent, and various chemicals filtering 5, viscous liquid filter and remove fibrous matter of swirling filter specifications phenotypic filtration precision maximum flow ( m3 / h) Pressure of work, Mpa) SAM - import and export connection way 2X50- 151 600 microns. 02' Flange web site
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