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Sand carbon terminal filter in printing and dyeing wastewater treatment applications

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
As the country of printing and dyeing industry wastewater discharging standard of strict control, many of the printing and dyeing industry is also in the waste water treatment equipment, water quality have obvious improve, but still can not meet the national standards, how to do, is the new or terminal device? Back again to cost is too high, not cost-effective, for the boss, scheme is completely unacceptable. Is such a situation, a customer calls come advisory.
to improve the sewage treatment equipment, we also not strange, many similar situation, through the analysis, we finally to sewage treatment set of quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter, quartz sand filter is mainly to remove water and sediment, the impurities such as suspended solids, and activated carbon adsorption of organic matter, sewage metal ions and remove the color of the water and remove the flavor of the part. We do a test, we get the good result.
in the end, we install them flow design of the size of the tanks, water results in the practical use and small type.
sand carbon filter because of its effective entrapment and adsorption, also has more and more application in wastewater treatment, especially in the printing and dyeing wastewater treatment.
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