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Sand filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Keywords: water filter | PP wire wound filter filter | | PP folding PP melt-blown filter | large flow filter | activated carbon filter

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sand filter is through homogeneous particle size of quartz sand bed sand as filter carrier such as three-dimensional deep filter filter, filtering is often used to level. Its mainly adopting sand as filter material filter. Characteristics: 1. Is suitable for processing of the organic matter content is more than 10 mg/L water and reservoir water, channel water, lake, or municipal water contains a large amount of suspended sewage pipes such as water or cooking water, often used as a primary filter. 2. Filter to the metal structure, automotive paint technology on surface, in outdoor use for a long time not fade; Anticorrosive, antirust performance enhancements, long service life of tank. 3. The internal use double deck structure, filter plate upside space reserved for sand bed and impurity, the lower space for water circulation. And outlet of tank bottom left, at any time will be dirt cleared from the bottom of the tank bottom may deposit. 4. Quartz sand particle size of the effective diameter of 0. 4 - 1. 2mm。 5. Maximum pressure 10 kg/cm2, according to user requirements can be made larger pressure tanks. 6. Depending on the requirement of the filter and the dosage of irrigation works, and can be used alone, also can combine multiple or used with mesh filter, disc filter combination. As a primary filter net type, disc filter. To improve the filtering effect of net type, disc filter. 7. Automatic backwash function, can realize continuous water supply. 8. Interface button for flange and card, convenient assembly. 9. He can according to customer needs, can use stainless steel materials. Web site
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