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Sand filter ( Sand filter tank)

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Sand filter for all the quartz sand filter, sand filter, is built in quartz sand filter material mechanical filter, sand filter bearing sand filter tank, stainless steel material, carbon steel material, glass fiber reinforced plastic material, is a commonly used treatment plant water treatment purification equipment.
sand filter press control, manual control sand filter sand filter and automatic control, manual control sand filter USES the manual valve control backwashing, washing, operation, automatic control sand filter to filter backwashing, time and pressure automatic control is to wash, to run, no need manual operation, for the cost of production, manual sand filter is cheap, but need to artificial maintenance, running cost is high, the automatic control of the early stage of the sand filter equipment cost is high, without manual operation, reduce the operation cost.
sand filter according to the material, divided into sand filter stainless steel, carbon steel sand filter, filter glass steel grit. The cost of production of stainless steel sand filter is the most expensive, second carbon steel sand filter, the cheapest for glass steel grit filter, but sand filter stainless steel and carbon steel sand filter run high bearing capacity, and glass steel grit filter operation pressure is low, service life is short, and most of the glass steel grit filter without front-rear, replace the filter material of trouble, only from the small hole at the bottom of the material. And carbon steel stainless steel sand filter and sand filter can according to customer's requirements with feed port and discharging port, the refueling is convenient.
sand filter according to the flow velocity, ordinary quartz sand filter and shallow rapid sand filter, ordinary quartz sand filter control flow velocity in the 8 - in general 15 m/h, and shallow sand filter can reach 40 m/h, fast speed, to filter the same flow rate, small shallow sand filter diameter and height, and ordinary sand filter diameter and height is large, then the advantages and disadvantages are clearly, shallow sand filter materials of low cost, water effect is relatively poor, and ordinary quartz sand filter production cost is high, and the effluent is relatively shallow sand filter.
comprehensive above, select the sand filter pay attention to the aspects:
1, the early stage of the investment amount, which is the purchase price budget, control mode and the choice of filter material.
2, whether there is a professional management.
3, water quality and water quality.
quartz sand filter selection parameter

shallow sand filter selection parameters
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