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Scientists follow the dung beetle to dew to water mist

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
At the Massachusetts institute of technology draws inspiration from namibia, the habits of dung beetles, and developed the collecting the technology of the mist and the dew, if the results get promotion, resolved the poorest parts of water on the earth.
the earth is natural water rich planet, but mostly because no direct drinking water, a small amount of drinkable water in the uneven distribution of the earth, causing a lot of places and the serious water shortage, combined with local water shortage and poor again, the government did not cash purchase water treatment equipment and water saving devices, metaphor sea water desalination processing equipment is very expensive. So the achievement promotion is successful, will has good effect to human survival and development.
Canada non-governmental organizations 'to dew to water mist' in different regions, and achieved positive results, not a day on average square meters permeable network can collect 1 litre of water, a laboratory experiment, the group is currently hopes to further improve the acquisition ability of water network.
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