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Scraper, automatic backwash filters

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

scraper automatic backwash filter USES the high strength of Johnson screen, has a large capacity, long service life, high washing efficiency, etc. The machine adopts differential pressure control, timing control automatic cleaning filter. When the filter pressure difference of import and export value or the timer to set a time when the electric control box sends a signal to drive motor rotation, and drain valve to open. Adsorption on the screen of the impurity particles are rolled steel wire brush to brush, along with the water from the drain valve discharge. When filters import and export of differential pressure returned to normal after the set time, or timer motor to stop operation, electric discharge valve closed. The whole process, and the material does not block the implements continuous and automatic production.

scraper, automatic backwash filter parameters:
the operating temperature & lt; ° C
operating pressure: up to MKg/cm:
filtering precision & gt; =μ M
capacity: & lt; M/hr

scraper automatic backwash filter USES the
catalytic reforming unit filter regeneration;
hydrogenation refined device, a new hydrogen, circulating hydrogen filtering, raw material oil, product oil filter;
in the dry gas desulfurization device, dry gas filtration, barren solution, rich liquid filtration;
in the oil product blending lube oil filter.
ethylene, propylene, butadiene, acetylene, the benzene, xylene and other filter materials;
acetone, ethanol, glycerol, etc.

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~ ℃ ( Non-metallic)
system working pressure:
~ MPa
filtration precision:
. ~μ; 米
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