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Secure the chloride activated carbon filter of actual use

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Chlorine is a non-metallic element and is a member of halogen family, chlorine is a yellowish gas under atmospheric pressure, it has a very active chemical properties and toxicity of chlorine in the form of compounds widely exist in nature, it also affects the physiological activities of the body, the small make up take you to get to know secure the chloride activated carbon filter of actual use. Secure the chloride activated carbon filter includes a filter tube, the walls of the filter tubes with a protective sleeve, the inner wall of the filter tube with the chloride channel, with the top of the dechlorination channel fixed connection with inlet, dechlorination channel at the bottom of the fixed connection with outlet, the dechlorination channel wall at one end of the clip have activated carbon layer. Activated carbon layer at the bottom of the fixed water absorption layer, absorbing layer internal fixed with reaction cotton, absorbent layer between the outer wall and cover fixed solution tank, one end solution tank is equipped with inlet, the inlet end sealing plug welding, below the water absorbing layer containing chlorine absorption cotton, fixed with diversion between chlorine absorption cotton plug. By setting up multiple filter tube bundles, each filter tubes are placed on a layer of activated carbon layer and weak alkaline reaction materials, such not only can use the principle of activated carbon adsorption removal of chlorine, and can contain OH - The solution. Through the REDOX reaction, chlorine ion in the form of fixed in solution, reducing the activated carbon adsorption pressure, prolong the using time.
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