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Security line around the filter element

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

security line around the filter element

security wire wound filter summary:

in accordance with the firmness to determine the filtering precision of winding, filtering effect is very good
it can effectively remove the impurities in the liquid and particle, etc.
the line around the filter is widely used by the civil and industrial industry,
it can filter for drinking water, syrup filtration, can also be used in acid and alkali liquid filter cartridge industrial water filtration.

security wire wound filter parameters:

good chemical compatibility diameter: mm inner diameter:

mm length: inches and inches, inches and inches.
filtration precision: um, um, um, um, um, etc.
the industry of filtration
pressure difference is small, large flow, large amount,
long life

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inch wire wound filter around the filter element

inch line pp line pp skeleton line around the filter element
cotton wool stainless steel skeleton in line around the
in line around the filter element
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