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Security precision filter core

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Precision filter filter used in the security filter, also known as the security filter filter, microporous membrane filter core, our company is specialized production and sales of water treatment precision filter core, to introduce the precision filter (below The security filter filter) The accuracy of the specification and replace filter method and the matters needing attention:
precision filter accuracy are: 100 um, 50 um, um, um 20, 10 um, um, um, 0. 嗯,45 0。 22um,0. 1um。 Precision filter type

1, melt-blown cartridge, characteristic: the price is low, aperture is in commonly 3 um, market consumption.
2, wire wound filter characteristics: low prices, aperture is in commonly 3 um, can be reused after cleaning.
3, fold filter characteristics: high precision, high cost, generally used in pure water processing. Precision filter replacement steps:

1, shut down the system power and precision filter before and after the
2, open the valve outlet, temperatures in the precision filter
3, open on the head, pulled out a precision filter
4, rinse filters are compared. in
5, installed on the precision filter and sealed head
6 sealed, precision filter, the outlet of valve before and after open the precision filter
with melt-blown filter because the price is cheap, so a lot of use. Folded filter is characterized by high precision, but the price is expensive, so commonly used in terminal filter or request is higher, and because line around the filter can be used again after cleaning, A few times can be the general cleaning can be used again, washing time effect the precision of flux and more) Also has a certain market.

precision filter and security filter selection

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