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Selection and application of filter cloth for pleated filter element

by:Lvyuan Filter     2022-07-09
The selection of filter cloth is very important. When selecting filter cloth, the basic performance and filtration requirements of filter cloth should be considered. Combined with the air permeability, filtration grade (maximum and minimum pore size), service life (tensile strength and elongation), fabric structure and weaving method, chemical properties and cost of the filter cloth, the permeability, filtration grade ( maximum and minimum pore size and porosity), service life (tensile strength and elongation), filter cloth construction and weave. 1. The filter cloth that can effectively intercept the sludge particles during filtration should be selected according to the nature and particle size of the sludge, mainly based on the pore size of the filter cloth and its water permeability (air permeability). 2. Filter cloths of different materials should be selected according to the pH value of the sludge. Generally, in order to prolong the service life of the filter cloth, the polypropylene series filter should be used in an environment with a pH value of 4~8, and the nylon series filter cloth should be used in an environment with a pH value of 5~8. 8.5 environment is used. 3. Select filter cloths with different tensile strength and elongation according to the filter pressure. 4. When the filtration performance of the two filter cloths is similar, the cost of the filter cloth should be considered. Application of filter cloth The flue gas treatment and dust removal system of iron-making plants, steel-making plants, ferroalloy plants, refractory plants, foundries, power plants, etc. Flue gas filtration of waste incinerators, coal-fired boilers, fluidized bed boilers, etc. Asphalt concrete mixing, building materials, cement ceramics, lime, gypsum and other production sites. Aluminum electrolysis, smelting flue gas filtration of lead, tin, zinc, copper and other rare metals, fine material recovery, liquid and solid separation. Liquid-solid separation and fine material recovery in chemical, coke, carbon black, dye, pharmaceutical, plastic and other fields. Dust control and purification collection for mining, grain processing, flour, electronics industry, wood processing, etc. Material Non-woven fabrics are suitable for vacuum cleaners, filter pots, fans, air purifiers, paint booths, and water purifiers.
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