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Selection of the precision filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

selection precision filters

selection about precision filter:
precision filter general also called the security filter, it is to use the high quality of stainless steel filter material is made and be become.
it is equipped with melt-blown or wound filter, can effectively filter out the impurity in the fluid to ensure equipment normal
run, our company produces the precision filter can customize according to different requirements of customers.

selection precision filter parameters:
you can choose according to filter traffic per hour
a: T/H,. T/H, T/H, T/H
T/H, T/H, T/H, etc.
the built-in filter of different traffic is not the same as
and the length of the filter element is not the same as
connection if you have any special requirements please explain in advance
clamp, flange, the flange of the
activities flange with radial

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the security filter core specification caliber DNY type filter
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