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Self-cleaning filter manufacturers

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Self-cleaning filter principle
automatic self-cleaning filter by shell, multiple filter, backwash mechanism, electric cabinet, reducer, electric valves and differential pressure controller and other components. Casing of diaphragm plate inside cavity can be divided into upper and lower two cavity, the cavity is equipped with multiple filter core, so that make full use of the filter space, significantly reduce the filter size, are installed in the inferior vena backwash suction cups. Work, mostly from the inlet to, through the stainless steel wedge filter dirt. Water purification by the outlet flow out, when gathered too much dirt, make filtering confusing, cavity pressure rise, when the pressure difference in and out of the water reaches a certain value ( Preset) Differential pressure switch signal to the controller, the controller start to slow down the mechanical and electrical machine, internal gear rotates brushed or sucking dirt impurities. Open the electric drain valve at the same time, get rid of dirt, cleaning time is about 1 minute, need not stop during self-cleaning, drain pressure loss is less than 0. 5 mpa, the flow loss less than 1%. Our company is a professional self-cleaning filters, automatic cleaning filter manufacturers.

a: self-cleaning filter characteristic
1) Self-cleaning filter filtration precision defaults to 100 microns, and from 100 to 3000 microns optional, big filter area, carrying amount is high, users can customize according to the actual working condition.
2) A simple self-cleaning filter cleaning method and cleaning cycle electronic monitoring, which can realize automatic cleaning pollution. 。 Control system of the automatic self-cleaning filter parameters are adjustable.
3) Brush filter with uninterrupted when cleaning sewage water, do not need to bypass the characteristics of and the cleaning time is short, sewage water less, not more than 1% of the total flow.
5) Brush filter strong maintainability, disassembly easy installation.
2: self-cleaning filter parameter
1, self-cleaning filter plant, used in power plant boiler high pure water preparation preprocessing part precision and generator cooling circulating water, seal water filter;
2, self-cleaning filter oil chemical industry: beside the circulation water yards do filter processing, can be single or multiple models the main processing in parallel, to replace the filter material to filter, reduce the filter material to filter load, can avoid a lot of rinse water consumption, saving cost;
3。 Self-cleaning filter irrigation: especially suitable for the flow rate, high content of impurities in water, agricultural irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, park, golf course and turf watered, etc.
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