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Self-cleaning filter manufacturers

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Our company is a professional self-cleaning filter manufacturers, production of carbon steel self-cleaning filters, stainless steel 304 self-cleaning filters, stainless steel 316 l self-cleaning filter and differential pressure self-cleaning filter and time self-cleaning filter.

a, self-cleaning filter principle, self-cleaning filter is automatic backwash filter is a kind of, because of its high precision, so can he classified as self-cleaning precision filter, its working principle is: the need to deal with the water enters the body filter by imports, filtered by the filter element of liquid, the impurity in the liquid deposition on stainless steel mesh, when the pressure reached setting of the import and export pressure; The system automatically start since the cleaning procedures; Sensors to transmit information to the power distribution system, distribution system receives the pressure signal trigger: electric motors to drive the brush rotation, filter for cleaning; Drain valve open drainage at the same time; 10 - cleaning time 60 ( Can be set) At the end of the second, cleaning, the valve closed; Motor to stop running; System restore to the original state; Began filtering into the next process.
2, self-cleaning filter control mode
1, manual control, manual control to open
2 cleaning machine, automatic control, automatic cleaning, including time to control and pressure control and time control is running time regularly, after reaching the running time, automatic cleaning, and pressure control, just as its name implies is through in and out of the nozzle pressure difference control, configuration in and out of the nozzle pressure difference sensor, when the pressure difference reached set value, automatic cleaning. Three advantages, self-cleaning filter

1: a single processing flow is big, it can be used in parallel to a single biggest 3000 m3 / h.
2: the filter has big filter area, high carrying amount. Precision ( 10 um - - 3000um) , can be customized according to customer requirements.
3: when the automatic cleaning sewage and the sewage uninterrupted water supply, less clean sewage water, cleaning time is short.
4, self-cleaning filter main specification:
1, the filter element forms: wedge wire tube
2, LAN traffic ( m3 / h) : 2 - 8000 m3 / h
3, optional precision ( μm) : 20 -
4, 2000 microns shell material: carbon steel, 304316 L
5, suitable viscosity ( cp) : 1 - 40 cp
6, suitable temperature ( °C) : 0 - 95 ° C
7, working pressure, MPa) : 0. 2 - - 4. 0 mpa

5, self-cleaning filter application
self-cleaning filter before routinely used in sewage treatment, sewage sedimentation post-processing, ultrafiltration pretreatment, reverse osmosis pretreatment and underground water, sea water, lake water and reservoir water, pond water, circulating cooling water, chilled water, high and low pressure water spray, water cooling water water, heat, water sealing, bearing, oil well water injection, process circulating water, machining, cleaning agents, cleaning water coolant etc.
6, selection of self-cleaning filter parameters
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