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Several common water purifier filters on the market

by:Lvyuan      2022-04-25
Various household water purification equipment on the market are actually different combinations of these filter elements. The service life of the filter element of all water purifiers depends on the local water quality. No filter element can be used once and for all and never be replaced. Once the pollutants adsorbed and filtered are saturated, if they continue to be used, they will cause secondary pollution to drinking water. There are several common filter elements on the market: 1. Polypropylene melt-blown filter element (PP cotton filter element) It is commonly used as one-pole filtration for various household water purification equipment to pretreat tap water and filter out sediment, suspended solids, Colloids, organic matter, impurities, etc. 2. Activated carbon filter element Activated carbon has strong adsorption to many substances, and is mainly used to remove the color, odor and residual chlorine in water, which can change the taste of water. Granular filter element: The basic composition is granular activated carbon filled in a specific support. The composition is simple and the cost is low, but it is easy to damage and leak carbon, and the service life and effect are unstable. It is often used for the diode filtration of various household water purification equipment. Compressed activated carbon filter element: It has stronger filtering ability than granular activated carbon. The service life is also longer, and it is often used as a three-pole filter for various household water purification equipment. Post-installation antibacterial activated carbon filter element: a trace amount of silver ions is loaded on the activated carbon, and it is often used as the latter-stage filter element to further remove impurities that have not been removed or newly introduced by the previous steps of filtration, and at the same time kill and inhibit the regeneration of bacteria in the water to prevent purification. The secondary pollution of water makes drinking water safer. 3. Ceramic filter element The ceramic filter element is made of diatomite by molding and high temperature sintering. Its purification principle is similar to that of activated carbon, but it has a relatively good filtering effect and a long service life. The pore size of 0.1 microns can effectively filter out sediment, rust iron, some bacteria and parasites and other microorganisms in the water. The filter element is easy to regenerate and can be washed regularly with a brush and sanded. 4. Ultrafiltration filter element (UF) is made of polypropylene hollow fiber, the membrane is hollow capillary, and the membrane wall is densely covered with micropores with a pore size of 0.10.3 microns, which can filter all bacteria and retain extremely small suspended matter in water. , colloids, particles, bacteria and other macromolecular substances, the filtered water can be drunk raw. It can be used repeatedly for washing and recycling.
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