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Shaanxi Xi’an PP wirewound filter element is shipped normally-Guangzhou Filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-02-22
Home-Company News- u003cbru003e u003cbru003eShaanxi Xi'an PP wire wound filter element is shipped normally u003cbru003e u003cbru003e u003cbru003eThe normal delivery of 30 inch 5 micron PP wire wound filter element for customers in Xi'an, Shaanxi u003cbru003eMr. Jiang, a customer from Xi’an, is the purchasing manager of a brewery. He said that the water used in their beer production process needs to use a wire wound filter to remove the water, sand, particles, suspended solids, colloids, etc., and then the wire wound filter was also used before The reason for changing the supplier is that there is something wrong with the quality of the filter element provided by the previous supplier. He found us on the Internet. After understanding, I learned that the filter element used by Manager Jiang is a 30 inch 5 micron PP wire wound. The filter element, the interface is flat. u003cbru003eAfter I quoted the price to Manager Jiang, he asked if he could provide me with a sample first. Because they purchased a large quantity, they wanted 500, so I didn’t want to buy it back and couldn’t use it. I told him that we could provide a sample , It’s just that the 30-inch one is longer and it’s not easy to transport. He said that the packing is better, and I said yes u003cbru003eIn the afternoon, I went to the warehouse to help Manager Jiang prepare samples, and asked the warehouse to pack them up. The warehouse said it was OK. Then I helped Manager Jiang pack the samples in cartons and foam. After a while, I called the courier to collect the samples and sent the order number to Manager Jiang. u003cbru003eThree days later, I called Manager Jiang and asked him if he had received the samples. He said he had received them and he was ready to show them to the workshop for trial. I said yes and said that the samples will be used by then. Feedback to me, he said it was OK. u003cbru003eTwo days later, he said that the sample trial was not bad, and he said that he would order 500 pieces for him. I said yes, and then he said whether it is possible to pay on delivery. I said no. Our province does not support it. Cash on delivery, he said okay, and then asked me to make a contract for him, and then issued him the company's business license. u003cbru003eIn the afternoon, he said that he had called the financial payment, and asked me to check it, I said yes, and then went to the financial room, the financial department said that the payment has arrived, and then I placed the order to the production workshop. u003cbru003eTwo days later, Manager Jiang’s goods were ready, and I was very happy to see the goods shipped out!
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