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Shallow medium filter installation method

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
In the field of environmental protection water treatment, in the shallow layer medium filter installation process, the most important still is equipment installation of ontology, steps and points for attention are as follows:

1, installation, use, should pay attention to control box, sensor, and the protection of the transmission parts, prevent damage.

2, when the equipment is the whole device prizing in the direction of the arrow tip filter on the pipeline connection pipe, make the direction of arrow in the direction of flow and equipment.

3, when the equipment is bulk, please install drawing connection pipe, valve and filter unit, and label according to the wiring connection between the control box and valve cable ( See attached equipment installation diagram) 。

4, drainage pipe, which is connected with filtering equipment shoulds not be too long, had better not more than 10 meters, drainage pipe should be connected to the gutter.

5, when installation should consider to facilitate maintenance, shallow medium filter in and out of the water pipe and drainage pipe and shutoff valves should be installed, and when it is necessary to install bypass pipe.

6, the specifications of the filter should match the pipe or traffic, when a set of filter can not meet the requirement of the system flow can be parallel connection of two or more, in order to meet the requirements of filtering system.

7 suggest setting before and after the import and export of pressure gauge, filter, so that pressure changes.

high suggest setting before eight, filter inlet exhaust device, so that the emptying of the air in the piping.

9, please open the discharge valve, before water to clean air, and then close the discharge valve ( Automatic exhaust valve equipment except) 。

10, advice, feed water pressure zero or more. 2 mpa, outlet pressure zero or more. 15 mpa, when equipment outlet backwashing pressure is not enough, suggested holding pressure valve outlet installed in equipment, to ensure adequate backwashing pressure.

11, when a device as a flow by using circulating water system, and the outlet of the filters through circular pool, and no back pressure, pressure valve must be installed.

fill filter material standard

1, according to the technical requirements or specifications procurement related filter material, filter material is divided into two kinds, a retainer base layer, particle size of 2 - The natural quartz sand, 4 mm height is 10 - 15 mm, filter layer is 0. 4 - 1. Natural quartz sand, height of the 2 mm to 30 mm.

2, different level of filter, the filter material particle size have different requirements, general circulating water filter layer filter material particle size is zero. 8 - 1. 2, the depth of fine filter filter layer filter material particle size of 0. 4 - 0. 8.

3, the loading of filter material layer could not be determined visually, can calculate the weight of the filter material by volume, according to 2 - the proportion of quartz sand 2. 3 t/m3 to consider.

power supply connection

1, the whole device prizing equipment in the factory, the control system and the backwashing valve between the cable is connected well, only need to set aside the control box when installing the power cord connection is good.

two three links back flush valve

1, selection of the equipment imported from Israel hydraulic drive two three-way valve to control the filtration and backwashing.

2, two three-way valve is controlled by a solenoid valve to control the movement, the valve drive power for water or compressed air.

3, in the south, or arrangement in indoor suggest using water as the valve drive power, command water can take from the equipment of Y type filter or valves made of water entry, connection way to see the appended drawings.

4, when a device or set in the north outside, the temperature is low, to prevent freezing, suggest that choose the compressed air as the driving source of the valve. Inlet pressure of compressed air shall be equipment or feed water pressure, the recommended pressure of 0. 3 - 0. 6MPa.

5, sintering filter through electromagnetic valve to control the two three-way valve action, to implement the filtration and backwashing filter unit. When manual switch electromagnetic valve is closed, solenoid valve control system of automatic control, when the need for artificial of backwashing, the single unit can screw this switch to the open position, the unit start backwashing. After the backwashing, please close the manual switch.
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