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Shallow of petrochemical wastewater treatment technology

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Petrochemical industry is the pillar industry of national economy, has a pivotal position in the construction of modernization in our country. Petrochemical enterprise is abstracted, and there are quite a few in China's petrochemical enterprises located in the drought or water area, water supply shortage became a limiting factor in the production of petrochemical enterprises to expand. On the other hand, China's rapid economic development, oil consumption is rising, the domestic petrochemical enterprises continue to expand the scale of production, processing depth, petrochemical wastewater quality present pollutant increase, the trend of water quality in the complex. As the water resources increasingly tense and of the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, petroleum and chemical sewage treatment more and more get the attention of people.
petrochemical wastewater quality characteristics is
petrochemical oil as raw material, by pyrolysis, refining, fractionation, reforming and synthesis process of a series of organic processing procedure. Petroleum and chemical products production process, production equipment, the sewage water volume is big, the typical petrochemical sewage containing oil, CODCr, ammonia nitrogen, sulfur, phenol, cyanide, etc of conventional pollutants. At the same time, different enterprises on the basis of different products, produced sewage also contains a variety of organic chemical products with related characteristics of pollutants, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, aromatic amine compounds, heterocyclic compounds and so on, resulting in sewage water quality not only complex, and toxic substances. In addition, enterprises open parking and maintenance, such as the source of raw material change production fluctuations can cause sewage water and pollutant content and nature of change, increase the shock load of sewage treatment facilities.
sewage process and the process
at the beginning of the petroleum chemical industry development, due to lack of water-saving awareness, petrochemical enterprise production device of feed water pipeline parallel set, each production unit access to fresh water and wastewater were discharged into the sewage treatment facilities. Along with the development of the petroleum and chemical technology, people gradually realized that some of the production process requirement for water quality is not high, other technological process of sewage can be blended with fresh water to a certain proportion, as the process water. Then, with the progress of water treatment technology, it was found that some process drainage water complex, difficult to handle, and some simple process drainage water quality, according to the different water quality of sewage handling alone, than the dirty water mixing processing is more economic. In recent years, water resources increasingly tense, researchers will certain sewage after doing moderate/depth filtration and membrane treatment, directly as other process into the water. 6 times the crude oil processing capacity of sewage.
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