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Shallow of water treatment technology development trend

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Because the world serious situation of water resources, water treatment technology in the 21st century will be to get the era of rapid development. For China, water treatment and filtration sterilization technology of the 21st century the task is very difficult, because will see the following content. Roughly speaking, water treatment technology in the 21st century mission is: to prevent due to the deterioration of water quality of water resources in the country's economic sustainable development bottlenecks and even water quality disaster. China's water quality deterioration mainly comes from the old debt wastewater treatment and new debt. Seven water systems of China, 63. 1% of river water quality for Ⅳ, Ⅴ or worse Ⅴ, lost as the function of drinking water sources. This is the old debt. According to the existing state plan, the urban wastewater concentration rate of 25% in 2000, as a result, 75% of the effluents of new debt. But these do not represent all debt.
water treatment industry in the 21st century will be the development of high-speed, concrete analysis in several aspects:
1, water treatment equipment, the use of new materials
1) Is a new material, the use of the existing configuration of water treatment equipment innovation, including: in order to optimize the overall water treatment process, using new materials to create a more compact overall configuration, water treatment plants to avoid the traditional planar loose configurations; In order to optimize the needs of the state of mixing reaction process, the use of new materials to create a new configuration of unit equipment, change traditional box type configuration.
2) According to the needs of improving water treatment process, Such as membrane filtration components, packing, configurations and membrane anti-clogging performance of the filter, etc. ) , proposed the creation of a new performance of material.
2, 1) the use of biotechnology
Create microbial type water treatment agents, including three levels: the existing EM technology ( Effectivemicroor - ganisms effective microbes) Can be regarded as the first level. EM technology is to point to by adding the special microorganism activity preparation in order to obtain the optimization effect of biological treatment of biotechnology. At the second level refers to, according to the raw water quality and the processing requirements, prepared with natural microbial species, and optimize the biological treatment of microbial agents. The third level is for biological treatment of water efficient production of artificial species or strains group preparations, as well as the difficulty of water treatment problems of specific strains of artificial production, and bacterial species or group.
2) Can be combined with new materials, to create the water treatment process of configuration with biological function at the same time with the packing, adsorbent, filter material and components such as water treatment equipment.
as a water treatment equipment manufacturers, our company also want to keep up with the development of The Times, keep up with The Times the pace of increase of water treatment equipment of new materials, new technology research and development, in this way can our enterprise sustainable development.
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