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simple water filter out of a waterbottle

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
This water filter is very simple and quick to make.
Most of the time, if not all the material can be found in or around your house.
If you don\'t have clean water, the water filter may be a necessary survival item.
Materials needed :-Water Bottle-
Scissors or knives
Coffee filter, cotton ball or fabric. -
Sand or charcoalGravel-
Large gravel or small rock
Holds filtered and non-filtered cupsfiltered water. 1)
Use your scissors or knife to cut the end of the water bottle like this. . . 2)
Use your knife, scissors or anything sharp to make a small hole in the center of the hat.
Make sure the hat is tight!
In my case, I used a small screwdriver and it was easy to make a good hole in the center.
Knives or scissors are also OK. 3)
Now put your coffee filter (
Cotton ball or fabric)
Go through the hole and walk down next to the hat.
You may need to reduce the size of the coffee filter to fit the bottle.
I had to push the coffee filter to the bottom with a pen. 4)
Fill your sand or broken charcoal with about 2 inch bottles now. 5)
Next, add your gravel to the bottle.
About 2 inch of gravel is enough. 6)
Finally add your big gravel or small stone to the bottle. Again, 1-
2 inch is enough.
Your water filter is done now!
Just put the filter on your cup and filter the water.
Pour dirty/muddy water into the filter with another Cup.
Watch your dirty water filter out!
Boil the filtered water, thoroughly remove all bacteria, etc! Enjoy!
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