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Singapore water solution method

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Singapore is located in the equator, the four seasons such as summer, belong to the tropical rainforest climate, abundant year rain, green evergreen. If Singapore is a country that lack water, probably no one would believe, but indeed of Singapore was once part of the per capita fresh water resources in the world the penultimate state. , in 2060, is expected to reach 6. 5 million to 6. 9 million, the population of Singapore island at that time the amount of water will be from the current 3 a day. Increased to 7 800 million gallons. 600 million gallons, is twice as much. With household water consumption share will be reduced to 30% from 45% now, not domestic consumption has increased from the current 55% to 70%. Here is introduced measures taken in Singapore in order to solve the problem of water resources:
1, is located in the island, seagirt and Singapore don't lack most is the water of the sea. So to deal with the problem of water, Singapore people thinks of above all is the desalination. In September 2005, tuas desalination plant project officially launched the new spring, opened up a new water source for Singapore. The factory can produce 13 every day. 60000 cubic metres of fresh water, is southeast Asia's largest one of reverse osmosis desalination plant,
2, is to make full use of high-tech means, all the industrial and family life waste water, and then through various filtration and disinfection, can to the drinking water standard, the so-called new water. After the new water is treated with recycled water purification by advanced membrane technology further and produce, through the 6. 50000 scientific test, not only super pure, and beyond the world health organization (who) drinking water standards. The new water is mainly supplied to industrial and commercial users, due to its high purity, so is the ideal high quality chip plant water. Otherwise a small amount ( About 5%) The new water injected reservoir ( Library) , mixed with other raw water, and then processing into drinking water. At present a total of five new waterworks in Singapore, the production of the new water can satisfy the island almost 30% of the total water demand.
3, make full use of Singapore's natural geographic advantages, the tropical rain forest climate with abundant rain all the year round into drinking water. Therefore, the Singapore government began building water conservancy facilities within the island, building reservoirs and reservoirs. At the same time in all of the urban roads and streets, and all the inhabitants of the residential building water pipes, rainwater collection and then use them. The Singapore government plan is to eventually the whole island of watershed area is expanded to 90% of the area of the island, to 'collect every drop of rain'. Currently a total of 15 reservoir (Singapore Library) And a storm flood control systems, rainwater collection pool as the goose reservoir and a list of the completion of this year, real longgang reservoir watershed area of Singapore from accounts for half of the total area in China and expand to two-thirds of the country almost becomes a huge reservoir, poor water conditions in Singapore has been thoroughly changed.
4, taking various measures to expand water, add to the amount of water at the same time, the government of Singapore has come up with ways to let people close water, love the water, in order to protect the limited water resources. Such as government investment to various large watershed as no pollution, environmentally friendly water recreation center and the water park; Street and water ditch on both sides of the road were also with flowers decorated more beautiful. In other words, the size of the Singapore local rivers are likely to become a source of water supply in the future, the government USES the 'double with desalination unit' technology, use of river stream water production water near the coast. The principle of 'double with seawater desalination device' is after the induction of water salinity, automatic startup program or new desalination water treatment program. In addition, with the expansion of the watershed area, neighborhood residents will also be a set of channels water points, therefore, the government can remind residents for their drink clean drinking water, be sure to keep the surrounding clean water.
Singapore people think, to ensure that adequate water supply is not actually solve the problem of water resources of all, as a result, in addition to the open source, the Singapore government also attaches great importance to the throttle. Government public utilities bureau set up a wide range of water conservation program ( Like a cascade of water, etc. ) To encourage residents and industrial users rational use of water. Under the plan, Singapore's per capita household water consumption has decreased from 2003 daily 165 litres to 155 litres. Singapore government aims at 20 years later, that in 2030, the per capita household water consumption can drop to 140 liters of daily level.
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