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Sintered filter in the water reuse system in Beijing 'lifeline'

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Sintering filter using range is very wide, it can be used in places such as Beijing, agriculture, forestry, chemical industry, electronics, and even pharmaceutical wastewater treatment, after dealing with the sintered filter of reclaimed water clear so much, can be recycled, sintering filter abandoned the traditional filter, volume is small, the characteristics of easy blockage is not easy to clean, to fully automated, and sintered filter can filter macromolecular organic matter, water stability, high filtration precision, suitable for all kinds of wastewater. Thus saving a lot of water, but also improve the environment, also promoted the development of science and technology, can be achieved to win more. Sintering filter is water-recovery epoch-making product processing industry.

it is well known that water is the source of life, is irreplaceable important natural resources. But due to the rapid growth of population in our country and the rapid development of social economy, people's agricultural and industrial water and living water consumption is on the rise, as non-renewable resources lack of water began to appear in front of us. How to maintain the sustainable utilization of water resources? How to reasonable sewage? How to alleviate water shortage city? And so on a series of problems has become our first problem faced in the production and living. And water recycling is an important method of sewage recycle treatment, it can reduce the pollution to the environment, but also increase the number of available water resources, has obvious economic benefits and social benefits and environmental benefits. Municipal wastewater recycling is the inevitable requirement of saving water, and water in the development, use of water, achieve high quality water is a feasible way. Sintered filter into water reuse 'lifeline'
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