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Sintered filter is widely used in wastewater treatment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Sintered filter, widely used in the sewage treatment

sintered filter is more and more increasing recycling of water use. In central river northwest of sewage treatment plant for more than a month to complete the reconstruction project, water powerusageeffectiveness back from 10% to 35%, to achieve the 'multi-purpose monohydrate, reuse'. Due to the processing technology and equipment backward, taiyuan sewage water quality standard is low, can only reduce the pollution, and regeneration utilization rate of less than ten percent, some waste of water resources. In recent years, sintering filter through the new sewage treatment plant and upgrading of existing equipment, improve the ability of sewage treatment. A total investment of about 200 million yuan river northwest central completed projects of sewage treatment plants in December last year. After the expansion, the factory has adopted both from domestic and international advanced technology, make the water quality by the national secondary standard all promoted to level, daily sewage treatment capacity by 7. 50000 tonnes to 160000 tonnes a year, plus using heat of water, realized the plant winter heating or cooling in summer. Sintered filter together with the rest of the sewage treatment plant water, now, sintering filter in the city every day, 300000 tons of water to achieve reuse in taiyuan, etc, garden irrigation, spray dust in the industrial production of the enterprise, etc.

sintered filter with high mechanical strength and compression strength. Machining, welding and assembly performance good, easy to use.
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