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Sintered filter to alleviate water shortage in Beijing

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
In recent years, the drought appears more and more, the urban water shortages intensified in northern China. Effective protection of water resources is imperative. The emergence of sintered filter, makes the problem easier to speed. Last year, according to data provided by the Beijing municipal water department Beijing water $36, including more than 20 $from groundwater, the rest of the more than 10 billions is surface water. Beijing over-exploited groundwater of more than 5. 6 billion cubic meters, more than 10 years, equivalent to drain the 2800 Summer Palace kunming lake. At present, Beijing has fallen to an average of around 24 meters underground water level, exploitation in decades, Beijing has been in a 2650 square kilometers of large funnel of groundwater, are on the ground subsidence is one of the city. Sintering filter is involved in the process of pipeline filter. Sintered filter is mainly composed of takeover, barrel, filter basket, flange, flange cover and fasteners, etc. Installed on the pipeline to remove large solid impurities in fluid machinery and equipment ( Including compressor, pump, etc. ) , instrument can work normally and operation, to achieve stable process, the role of guaranteeing production safety.

sintered filter working principle: when the liquid through the cylinder into the filter basket, the solid impurity particles is blocked in the filter basket, and clean fluid through the filter basket, by filter outlet. When need to be cleaned, turning the screw at the bottom and net fluid, remove the cover flange and repack after cleaning. Therefore, the use of maintenance is very convenient. Believe in Beijing, with the help of effective sintering filter water will get good treatment and reasonable use. Sintered filter has the stable discharging water, low operating cost, cover an area of an area small, long service life, etc.
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